The Journey of the Miners

Community Dec 22, 2021

On a quiet Thursday evening, an elusive cave located in the depths of Twitter was born. Degens from all regions came to see what was going on, to see the true alpha that would be introduced. For while Olympus grew into a dynasty, various forks rose as well, wanting to branch out. There needed to be balance, and thereby came Concave Finance, the spoon to balance out the forks.

The cave was not available for everyone to join. The cave would open and close on a whim, and only the people who had the patience to wait were able to enter the cave. People slowly started to populate the cave, all with hopes and dreams. Quickly a community was built, and those that were once lost were given a name, The Miners. The miners explored the wonders of what Concave had to offer. If you listened carefully, you would hear a mysterious voice in the cave. The voice gave them a task, to search for roles in the caves.

In the beginning, there were six roles. Miner, Explorer, Surveyor, Genesis, Foreman, Miner. There was another role, but it is forbidden to talk about it outside of the cave. In order to reach enlightenment, you had to fulfill different tasks to mine for each of these roles. The community documented these instructions on how to receive these roles.

Credit to MTH#8787

And so the miners went along with their tasks, following the voices which guided them to enlightenment. They continued to explore various channels, such as cave-stadium, a mysterious place where calm Lo-fi music would seemingly play out of nowhere. You would receive the Seismologist role while in the cave-stadium, but the moment you left, the role would disappear.

The miners performed various duties. In the research center, scholars would create and share theories with each other on what exactly Concave was. In the memes channel, miners would draw out memes to inspire joy in others, from spoons to pepes. In the peace channel, miners would sit down together and spread peace with others in the cave. In the culture channel, nobody would talk about what was in there. The miners who came out only blushed and kept it to themselves. It was the start of a new civilization.

The Spring

The miners continued to explore the wonders of the cave, sharing culture, experience, and a sense of passion and excitement. One day, the voice of the cave announced to them that there was a secret area known as the spring, and the only way to receive guidance to the spring was to earn a role called the Spelunker.

To receive the role, you only had to do one thing. Help. There were many lost souls entering the cave with no idea what to do. These souls needed guidance, and it was up to the experienced miners to guide them through the cave and its wonders. The most helpful miners received the Spelunker role and received instructions from the voices on where to go to reach the spring.

The spring was a marvelous wonder within itself. The moment you set foot inside, the silky steam emanating from the springs brought with it a deep sense of calm. The water in the spring was pristine, the most innocent blue you would ever see. The miners who could enter the spring were met with a calm space where they could take a rest from their hard work through the mines.

The Troll Pit

As the community grew, so did the number of trolls. The trolls were miners who would try to sprawl the cave into chaos, spamming copy pastas and being unhelpful to the community. To combat this, the community created the Troll Pit. While most communities would send trolls off to exile, the community stripped off their roles and sent them to The Troll Pit, a murky pit where the trolls would reside.

The trolls would have to plead their case and perform various duties, such as making dank memes for the community to enjoy. Once the community deemed them worthy of joining the miners again, they would be set free and have to start over mining for the roles. The community documents a list of trolls that are sent to the troll pit on a regular basis. You can see this list here.

The Documentator

As the Concave community grew, so did the need for documentation. Miners needed an easy way to transmit information with each other, and the most effective way to do that was through writing. The problem was that it was difficult for the community to do this without organization. To remedy this, the cave granted a new role to be mined, the Documentator role.

The Documentator role is a limited time role that would only exist until the secrets of Concave were revealed. To earn the Documentator role, you had to document the living history of the Concave. You could do that in various ways, such as translating important documents into another language, documenting the theories on the mysteries of the cave, or creating infographics for new miners to see.

The Documentator role is a prestigious role, and it would come with the expectation that you would continue to contribute to the community.

To be continued…