NFT Marketplace

Official Aug 19, 2022

With the introduction of the NFT Marketplace, the Concave ecosystem is now complete!

We were never big fans of forking things.

Here at Concave, we see ourselves as the smooth-talking spooning type. This is why we went ahead and created our own suite of products that feed into each other to create a seamless experience when interacting with Concave.

Why did we make our own marketplace?

Did we ever mention that Concave is agile?

When we say this, we don’t just throw around words for the hype. We really try to embody it in all facets of what we do.

The whole ethos of Crypto is to decentralize, so we felt that relying on a centralized NFT marketplace (such as Opensea) for our liquid staked positions was not in the best interests of our users. Not only this, but we also went and made our marketplace completely decentralized and immutable.

All you beautiful miners should have the opportunity to sell your staked position should you need liquidity. Our marketplace is there to make sure you have the liquidity necessary to GTFO at your leisure.

How does it work?

*Please ensure that you have sufficient $ETH to cover the gas fees for interacting with the smart contract.

**Please refer to this article if you have not staked your CNV tokens yet - Stake

Part 1: Listing your NFT

  1. After staking your position, go to the “Your Staked Positions” tab in the left navigation bar.

2. Find the staked position you would like to sell and expand it using the arrow.

3. Click on the “Approve” button to allow the contract to list your staked position.
(The Ethereum network will charge a gas fee for this interaction.)

*Make sure that your wallet is connected to the Ethereum Mainnet. If you are using Metamask, you will see a list of networks in the top right of your wallet.

4. Once the contract is approved, you will see a “List for sale” button.

Click this to list your position.

5. Next you will need to fill out the details of your listing, such as your currency of choice to receive and the amount.

*Tip* Remember your TOKEN ID for later verification

6. Click on the “List” button and - bingo! Your position is now listed for sale on the NFT Marketplace.

Part 2: Unlisting your NFT

If you'd like to unlist your NFT, head over to your staked positions page.

  1. Expand the position you would like to unlist using the arrow then click on the “Unlist” button.

2. Approve the transaction.
(Gas fee will be involved for this interaction with the smart contract.)

3. Click on “Confirm” to unlist your NFT.

Your position is now unlisted!

Part 3: Buying a listed NFT

  1. After shopping around for the NFT of your choice, kindly click on the buy button.
*TIP* Find the desired pool by using the page filters.

2. Approve the transaction.
(Gas fee will be involved for this interaction with smart contract.)

3. The purchased position should display “Waiting” and then “Bought” after clicking confirm on the marketplace page.

*TIP* Users should check the stake dashboard to verify the purchased position is being correctly displayed.