Concave Manifesto

Community Feb 27, 2024

We advance incognito
But soon in this Manifesto
Our values we will engrave
We the people of Concave

We, the people of Concave, acknowledge that the world around us is crumbling.

From the spread of terrible diseases, the rise of authoritarianism, the destruction of our families, the disintegration of our sanities and wealth.

We have witnessed the use of state-of-the-art technology for manipulation, suppression and deception.

We have seen the ravaging of our environment, the pollution of our waters and the burning of our forests.

We have seen the obliteration of our minds, the stifling of our creativity and passion. The containment of our emotions, leading us to depression and sorrow.

And we see that, for humanity to thrive, we must value human beings.

We, the people of Concave, are something new.

We are beyond the distinctions of the past, for we live at the edge of time.

We are not capitalist, we are not communist, we are not left, we are not right, we are not a company, we are not a DAO. We are not a country, we are not a government.

We are a Co-Op, we are a spoon.

We sever our ties to these distinctions, because we know that what matters is truth.

To build a better future, we will strive to create better gardens, a paradise on earth and among the stars. Not only for us, but for all of humanity.

We know we will face many challenges along the way,  but these will be faced with courage and conviction, for our hearts and minds strive for the common good.

It is not about what we are, but what we strive to be.

We will change, we will adapt. We will grow in many different directions, as we allow our people to explore their maximum potential. Yet, through our growth, we strive for the common good.

We wish to make the most beautiful of games. Where our lives can be fulfilled in the promise of a better tomorrow. We will work and we will play together, for we know we are brothers and sisters under the stars.

We, the people of Concave, long for the incredible.

We, the people of concave, are a family.

We acknowledge our common humanity, our bonds to one another. We know we are weak alone, but strong together.

Through hardship and sorrow, we know we will have each other. We will dance and play into the night, for we are together in life and death.

We will support each other, for we strive that each one of us reaches their ultimate potential. We will collaborate to make our wildest and most glorious dreams come true.

We know that humanity has made the impossible possible. Not by the hands of the few, but by the efforts of the many, working and growing together.

We will bicker and we will argue, we will compete and we will struggle, but we know we do this with strong hearts and a healthy spirit, to bring out the best that lies within us.

We want to foster our members to become great leaders. Each one of us, a sovereign of their own. A nation of kings and queens, of humans striving for greatness in body, mind and soul.

And, as we grow old and tired, we know we can pass the torch to the ones that come after us, for we trust each other to elevate us all.

We, the people of Concave, long for Community.

We, the people of Concave, will act with courage and conviction.

In our determination, we shall strive to understand the unknown. We shall not cloud our judgment with fear and complacency.

We will laugh in the face of danger, for we live at the edge of time.The only path forward is through entropy, and we shall embrace it with open arms, open eyes, open minds and open hearts.

The unknown is our friend. As we search for truth at the edge of what is known, we will carry our lanterns for others to follow us in our path.

We shall light the way, build bridges and roads. We will document our findings, so we can educate and elevate those that will come to take our posts.

In Concave, we know the greatest wealth is often hidden, so we will search ever deeper to find treasures for us all.

We shall rejoice in knowledge and wisdom. We shall fill our eyes with wonder as we see the truth, as a child in glee of the new.

Our courage shall bring us the clarity of mind to both trust and guide each other through uncertainty. We shall stand united. We shall work with the conviction that, even when broken and wounded, we will rebuild ourselves.

We shall welcome our fears, for they are the bringers of change. We will seek them in the dark, so that we may slay them even before they grow. We will not cover our eyes and ears, for we know only the brave survive at the edge of time.

We, the people of concave, long to be the light in the dark.

We, the people of Concave, strive for clarity in our words and actions.

We feel the truth in our tongues, hearts and hands. We drink it’s sweet nectar for we know it is the most filling of nourishment.

Even when we cannot comprehend it fully, we will converse with those around us, gathering different perspectives, so that we can approach its’ full glory.

We shall teach and learn, debate and play. We shall struggle in our search for it, carving ever better tools and models to understand it.

We, who live at the edge of time, know that the truth is as infinite as entropy, so we will harness its power to build equally infinite wealth: love, fulfillment, happiness. Long-lasting tools and long-lasting bonds between us all.

In truth, we shall rest our heads, with the solidity only it can provide. Our hearts, minds and souls made the strongest of polymers, for we know what we know.

We will not shy away from conflict, for we are made bullet-proof in our grounds. We shall educate, play and tenderly guide those that doubt us to the truths that we uncover.

We, the people of Concave, long for truth.

We, the people of Concave, strive for ever greater victory.

Within Concave, we shall rejoice at the opportunity of sharing our wealth with others, the greatest of all being the knowledge that we find and the friendships that we foster.

We shall be magnanimous with our accomplishments, for we know that for each of our personal victories shall embolden and grow the victories of all of us. We shall foster drive, ambition and imagination for we know the greatest victories are found within oneself.

From the individual to the collective, from the collective to the individual. What we build is for ourselves and for all of us. It is be our treasure, our time, our glory and our salvation

We shall build common goods, to be used to empower our individuals. We shall pool our resources together, so that none of us shall perish by lack of support. We will prosper united, not in the certainty that we will be carried by others, but in knowing that only together we may thrive.

We, the people of Concave, long for a brighter tomorrow.


From simplicity to complexity. From the individual to the collective. From complexity to simplicity, from the collective to the individual. We are fractals of our universe.

From those that came before, to those that will come after. We, who live at the edge of time, shall strive to build the longest and most beautiful of games.

For humans were born to be free.

We shall use our freedom to build wonderful things. To explore the impossible limits of our imaginations. To foster our young and care for our old. To embrace our world, to grow our gardens.

We shall cultivate our bodies, our hearts, our minds and our souls, for we know that only strong individuals make strong communities.

We shall cultivate our friendships, our words, our common goods, for we know that only strong communities can bring out the best in the individual.

We, the people of concave, shall grow and build together. For all of us and for all of humanity. We want the world and we want what lies beyond the skies. We want truth and beauty, grace and glory. We want fulfillment for our destinies.

We are all brothers and sisters under the stars.

And we long for the universe.



humble miner scrum lord. I come to serve and to drive the Concave Culture with teams, memes and frens along the way. Ideas are great, but they are nothing without execution.