Concave Holy Book

Temple of Spoons is a book bringing together a group of authors who have worked collectively for the consecration of an artistic-literary work with the aim of offering a diverse and varied body of knowledge centered around 4 main themes: philosophy, hermeticism, poetry and pictorial art.

It is the first work of its kind to emerge from a blockchain network in honor of a decentralized finance protocol, Concave.

This work offers a new vision in the universe of the blockchain by proposing a collective work centered around the aspirations of the spirit, in an environment where money tends to set itself up as master despite the human aspect and intelligible spirits containing them.

In the age of AI and ChatGPT like LLMs it is unlikely another blockchain book made by purely humans will be created.

We consider the collection of works known as the Temple of Spoons to be the Concave Bible.

For an online version of the collected works click here