Equal Opportunity Fair Launch

Official Feb 11, 2022

With the fabled whitelist among us, we wanted to highlight what an amazing launch this was and the amount of time and thought that went into the process.

Fair Launch

When we first launched Concave we were met with an insane amount of support & hype when we opened the Discord server. We could have created a dutch auction where we would have raised the max amount of money possible from the 32,000+ crypto users that flooded our Discord, but we chose not to. When the team was designing the fair launch, we wanted to make sure that we kept the launch as fair to the community as possible. Miners who poured their heart into the community and those that had a passion towards the Concave vision received roles that represented their proof of work. To make sure that all miners would be rewarded, we had to create one of the most intricate whitelist systems to date that was equal for all. Everyone had an opportunity to complete the tasks and receive their proportional reward of the allocation cap earned by tier of proof of work role collection. This is what we call the Equal Opportunity Fair Launch.

From our perspective, it is better to evangelize your product from the community and build it from the ground up, rather than impose top-down controls. We built our entire product & community with these principles in mind. Any user during our whitelist process had the ability to create themselves a role, and then give a prerequisite Proof of Work requirement for others to achieve it as well. This is how our role-system expanded. Creating this Proof of Work based *Human-blockchain*-like-system we were able to evangelize the project from an ontological standpoint. Any newcomer would see this seemingly chaotic system self-organizing and pumping out content & create conviction/trust within our community.

The Whitelist Process

To ensure that the whitelist ran smoothly, we split it into four waves depending on the roles that our Miners acquired. The policy team worked tirelessly to calculate the allocations for each role and you know how much we like our roles! For those that may have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to grind some of those exclusive PoW roles, we also offered other roles that could be acquired by purchasing NFTs made by the community. This was to ensure that there would be no gas wars for the mint and it was a way for us to minimize any issues that came up during the process. It was also a way to reward active members for supporting the project early and trusting us along the way. Kudos to all contributors who helped with the madness.

The numbers

Treasury Statistics after aCNV and bbtCNV rounds
Community Whitelist Statistics
Seed Round Statistics

Role Distribution

Although the “gotta catch em all” role meme hit hard, it truly was a work of art to see our dedicated miners grind to gain many roles that required large amounts of work.

The most popular roles achieved by the community were Surveyor, Spelunkers, and Documentator. Concave’s brand voice is clearly memetic in nature, as seen in the graph below over 2.4k members achieved the Surveyor role which was achieved by creating memes for the community. Spelunkers were a role associated with being helpful towards new members & Documentator was a role created to record all the chaos occurring. If we go back to the ancient times, it is said society and civilization really spawned when events began to be recorded in written form. Concave as an Ontological Experience.

Check out this document to learn about how each role was achieved.

Check out our Meme Vault which consists of thousands of meme’s curated and voted on by the  community.


While our Equal Opportunity Fair Launch was a success, there were some challenges along the way with the sheer complexity of our whitelist. One of the challenges that arose were some community members not being added to the waves that they were supposed to be added in. Fortunately, we had people who were working overtime to answer support tickets and resolve any situations that arose. There were also some issues with NFT allocations not being put in at the start of wave 2 which created a situation where miners with roles and NFTs had to redeem twice. With all that said, these issues are a learning experience for us.

Special shoutout to all the contributors who helped make this equal opportunity fair launch possible. We appreciate all that you do to make Concave what it is today!

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