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We do all the research and investing, so you don’t have to

Our connections in crypto run deep - we are able to get access to early-stage funding before the opportunity reaches the broader market. Our investments are well-vetted and have high growth potential.

We have invested in 15 projects so far:

*We will be revealing these projects in the near future. Stay tuned for the announcements!


Maximizing opportunity in capturing yield.

We are constantly optimizing trading strategies to capture effective yield in the market, regardless of market conditions

Trading Strategies

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Designed from the ground up to benefit Concave ecosystem

Leveraging on our connections, knowledge, and reputation in the space, we are able to provide value-added services to our partners.

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Yes, we make DeFi easy. By staking your CNV, you will have exposure to the Concave Treasury Flywheel, and will be rewarded with benefits such as Quarterly Rewards.

Additionally, you are helping us further cement the foundations of Concave.

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Latest Announcements and News

The Echo Weekly

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Sep 28, 2022

Fellow Miners! We are back with another edition of The Echo Weekly.The Echo Weekly is once again on a regular schedule. We will recap the most recent developments in Concave, while highlighting some of the amazing contributions from the community and team. Now without further ado, let us get started.

[Updated] Concave Transparency Report

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Sep 2, 2022

Hey frens!How are our miners doing today?Did you know that it’s been almost six months since we launched our protocol? Time sure flies when you’re having fun!In an effort to increase transparency between us (yes, even more than before!), we would like to open up the curtains to the management of our treasury, and display some of our reports… whilst squashing some FUD bugs along the way!

Concave Strengthens Commitment to Inverse with OTC Deal

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Aug 22, 2022

Hello Miners! We are excited to announce that Concave has engaged in an OTC deal with Inverse Finance. With this deal, Concave purchased $284k worth of INV using DOLA using a custom built smart contract. We are optimistic on the long-term success of DOLA and are excited to enter this new partnership phase with Inverse.

Concave NFT Marketplace

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Aug 19, 2022

With the introduction of the NFT Marketplace, the Concave ecosystem is now complete!We were never big fans of forking things.Here at Concave, we see ourselves as the smooth-talking spooning type. This is why we went ahead and created our own suite of products that feed into each other to create a seamless experience when interacting with Concave.

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