Why Are Spoons Important & Why Should You Stack Them:

Jul 1, 2022

An overview of why the flagship currency of the P.E.E.P.O. System is vital and severely underrated. Stack now or regret it later!

Today we’re going to take a look at spoons, why they’re valuable, and why you should earn them if you’re looking at Concave Co-Op as a long-term investment/partner/commitment.

If you have seen all of the spoons drops in the community server or the tips, giveaways, payments, and so on - here’s what the fuss is all about.

Spoons Measure Your Community Value:

First of all, and the obvious factor at play in a community incentive token, spoons measure your level of commitment and effort towards the co-op.

If you’re working, doing cool stuff, engaging with the community, or even just active on Discord (you need to be active to get the giveaways and airdrops), then you get rewarded with spoons.

With time, this filters people committed and useful to the co-op to be on the top spots of the leaderboards.

When people want to reward others, when devs look towards deserving people in their community, and overall opportunities are choosing whose lap to fall onto - being on top will probably be useful to stand out.

For example, if the Co-Op members are going to reward community members or hold a special airdrop… who do you think they will pick?

The committed and hardworking member? Or the freeloader.

Probably nothing…

Spoons Get You Lootboxes:

You have probably noticed by now that the people who hold the most spoons also hold the most loot boxes…

Is this a coincidence?

Of course not!

The more spoons you earn, the more lootboxes you’ll receive.

Loot boxes aren’t just for fun and games either. The goal with lootboxes is to bring tangible value to users who participate and provide Proof of Work.

Of course, there is a cap on this (it’s pretty high up on spoon numbers), so you still want to get rewarded lootboxes from a different medium.

As a rule of thumb, the most reliable way to score those valuable lootboxes is by farming spoons.

So, another variable on why Spoons are so important.

Spoons Will Have More Utility In The Future:

We are always tinkering with our projects, finding ways to turn them into better versions, implement innovation, and improve every single mechanic we put out.

There’s already a broad vision of stuff we aim to launch for P.E.E.P.O. and this includes a lot of new stuff you can get with Spoons.

We have a vision of a complex incentive token ecosystem we can use to monetize and reward our best members...

Spoons may look like they have little use now but that’s going to change soon.!

P.E.E.P.O. Currency Has “Real World” Value:

Something a lot of people fail to realize is that P.E.E.P.O. Rewards have “real world” value.

Have you forgotten we told you about rewards being tradeable by pCNV?

What about the fact that during the A.M.A. on the past “Spoontastic Friday” we even showed you the pCNV contract is ready and we’re launching it soon?

Well, soon enough you’ll be able to get real-world value, monetary value, pCNV value from P.E.E.P.O. Rewards.

To top it all off, don’t forget pCNV pays you the highest Proof-of-Gem airdrops multiplier!

Farming Spoons are Going to Become Harder:

We just launched P.E.E.P.O.

If you look back at your  experience in crypto, think about this question. When is it harder to obtain a new currency… when it is still trying to get a foothold and get used, or when it’s highly demanded with widespread adoption?
Yep, that's right.
You are an early miner that is among the first to score some spoons, and we’re going to be more selective on spoon rewards in the near future.This is why you should really start farming them now; it is only going to get harder.

In conclusion, these are some of the reasons Spoons and the other P.E.E.P.O. rewards are so valuable.

You should definitely start to farm and stack them now, or you’re sure to regret it in the future.

Are you a bullish miner?