What is Concave?

Official Feb 3, 2022


At its heart, Concave is a builder/community fund CO-OP. Our aim is to be one of the biggest communities in the DeFi ecosystem, combining our innovative collective strengths and experiences within our team and community to create innovative USPs for our protocol to accrue value back to every single token holder.

Concave is a co-operative which manages your exposure to DeFi and captures the upside whilst hedging risk through the power of the community.

What is Concave?

“The goal of Concave is to build a collective community that builds up one another and shares a common goal of driving Concave to be the best that it can be. Without its community, Concave would not exist, and every miner’s effort represents the heartbeat of Concave” - Miaoshi

Concave is a VeBase DeFi protocol that utilizes its state of the art, Magic Number Machine.

to capture value in DeFi back to its users. It is designed to be a swiss army knife for Smart Money to capture sustainable long-term returns in all market conditions.

Via the modular nature of its Magic Number Machine, Concave is able to:

  • Grow treasury sustainable and efficiently in various market conditions
  • Create non-dilutive bonds

We are here to promote value-capture in DeFi, building on large protocols through cooperation to innovate further and accrue the most value back to our stakers through its money-making USPs.

What can we do with Concave?

“What if you could just stake and accrue value from all of the best DeFi projects while protecting your capital?”

The gigabrains at Concave have strategized and come up with innovative ideas and proposals for different risk appetites depending on the market conditions using various ways to generate value.

Ways to generate value:

  • Delta neutral farming
  • Stable-coin farming
  • Hedgeable derivative products

Think of concave as a swiss army knife where you are able to participate in the following below:

  • Composable bonding
  • Locked stake boosting
  • In-house AMM
  • Treasury accruement

What is even more exciting is that more than 90% of the revenue generated will be distributed to Concave stakeholders!


We have caught the attention of several respected DeFi giants - we are proud to announce that we are partnered with these amazing DeFi projects:

  • Frax
  • Inverse
  • Tokemak
  • Redacted
  • Premia

*More details on partnerships coming soon.

The Team:

Concave is headed by many ex/current Olympus DAO members; our combined dev experience and expertise in DeFi spans years of knowledge.

Our dev team are all 10x devs (dev that does 10x the work of normal devs) having written and audited a huge amount of code for Olympus DAO already,

Our policy team are all seasoned battle-hardened policy members from other projects or established seasoned TradFi people with years of monetary and policy experience.

Our community and marketing team are all passionate and dedicated members that are known to have a big impact within the crypto space.

With the vesting schedule and self-funding of development since day 1, you can see that the team is here for the long run.

For additional details on Concave's tokenomics, USPs, and future growth plans, please check out our socials here.

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