What Does P.E.E.P.O. Stand For: Performance Engagement Ecosystem Payments Operation

Official Apr 25, 2022

The answer is in the title, but P.E.E.P.O. stands for Performance Engagement Ecosystem Payments, which was – as you may suspect – our way to keep it relevant and yet still associate it with the retarded frog we all love.

But, other than the acronym, what DOES this system stand for?

Well, it stands for the community and the ecosystem alike, giving benefits to one by benefiting the other.

We believe our ecosystem can only realize its true potential by harvesting the benefits of a symbiotic relationship between protocol and community, and this is one of the steps we took to make this symbiotic bond reality.

Why Did We Launch P.E.E.P.O.?

We launched P.E.E.P.O. to gamify platform contributions and to give tools for the community to contribute with their various skillsets to developing the best protocol, token, platform, and ecosystem out there.

We accommodate all skillsets and also made sure to put up different tasks, not only in skill set requirements and proof of work/engagement and culture but also in terms of timelines.

You can count on daily and weekly tasks for example, so if you want to grab a quick task you can – but you’re also free to dedicate yourself to more complex tasks, which of course will be compensated accordingly.

We launched P.E.E.P.O. to get more community contributions, expand the way our supercomputer works and develop a hivemind of sorts that will supercharge the way we work and take us to heights your grandma’s 2.0 protocol would never dream of.

Ready to pave your way to Internet Riches?

We got you!

How To P.E.E.P.O. Your Way to Internet Riches:

There are two main ways to earn through the P.E.E.P.O. System.

One is from one-time payments, such as rewards from daily tasks, weekly tasks, event participation, and whatnot…

…the other is through recurring, “salary-like” payments.

We know that to be productive, people need to be incentivized. Not only that, we are living the WAGMI culture and WANT to reward participation.

So, those who work can expect to get their due rewards.

The incentives we have planned out will reward roles based on Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Engagement, and Proof-of-Culture.

The rewards are paid in SPOONs, the social tokens, and in different kinds of gems, like Emeralds and Diamonds.

Gems are awarded to users of Tier 2 and 3 Roles (Emerald for Tier 2, Diamonds and more to be released at a later date,) and a plethora of other protocol rewards to be announced at a later date.

These gems can be used to get access to special real-value Proof-of-Gem airdrops, which will, in turn, increase the number of people contributing to the protocol, increasing its profitability and therefore renewing the compounding cycle of prosperity by real value creation processes.

We realize that everyone on the server wants to pave their way to internet riches, and as such we give productive miners the way to do so. This means that those who work and produce meaningful contributions will get properly rewarded.

In order to set up a pipeline that doesn’t get clogged or needs an overwhelming amount of attention from the team, we developed a way to automate and speed up these processes.

Tasks for miners will be collected by the Community Operations leads from each Co-Op department, from community feedback, and from a new Work Server Community Tasks Request form.

The New P.E.E.P.O. Bot: Meet the Spoon & Gems Overlord!

The P.E.E.P.O. Bot is the “entity” that’ll take care of the whole system, responding to commands from both the community contributors, the population at large and the taskmasters as well.

This is the cornerstone of the new system and, if you want to contribute and get your rewards, you need to familiarize yourself with it.

Fortunately, the “/” command is your friend, and you’ll be able to get the information on how to use the several commands when you try to use them. On the other hand, expect to take a couple of days to familiarize yourself with these commands.

A new command manual is in the works, where every single command will be listed as well as some thoughts on each one, but for now, head on to the community server and look for the thread – Peepo-Start-Here.

This will get you started on your account and provide you with some entry-level information.

How To Avoid Being P.E.E.P.O. Taxed:

As with all systems of behavioral nature, there are positive reinforcements and negative reinforcements.

Positive reinforcements happen when a taskmaster pays a miner for a job well done, or when the miners tip each other for something nice.

However, when miners actively try to sabotage the community, they can be taxed – although you mostly won’t see this as it’s the last resort and we don’t like to mess with people’s funds.

The tax command can be used when there are behaviors so negative that they need punishment or when something exceptional happens that deems it necessary for a balance deduction from someone.

How to avoid being taxed?

Keep to the light, my fellow Jedi, and avoid the Darkside at all costs, or you may end up taxed or thrown into the pit, where we store our Bored Rancors.

Types of Rewards: SPOONS, Gems, Salaries, Lootboxes!

SPOONs will be the base social token of Concave. SPOON will be earned in three ways:

· Tips from other community members;

· Salaries;

· Submissions;

Gems are awarded to members that have reached tiers 2 and 3 as a reward for completing PoW tasks.

Each tier past tier 1 provides a different gem that is tied to different available rewards.

Gems are awarded to members that have reached tiers 2 and 3 as a reward for completing tasks. Each tier past tier 1 provides a different gem that is tied to different available rewards.

· Tier 2 - Emerald

· Tier 3 – Diamond

Ultimately, the Gem holders will be the only people who can access the special Proof-of-Gems bonus.

Lootboxes will be dropped to each PEEPO miner on a weekly basis. Each miner will receive one loot box per 20,000 SPOONs earned. Lootboxes will offer users a plethora of potential rewards, from small gem caches, partner NFTs/Natives, small native CNV pouches, and more…

We hope that you now know a bit more about the P.E.E.P.O. System and you’re ready to start accruing those tokens and climbing the leaderboards – paving the way to Internet riches while helping the Co-Op we all love and wish to succeed.


…here’s the kicker!

This was for proof of work, but we’ll soon tell you about Proof of Culture and Proof of Engagement, which is also something to take note of.

To entice you to subscribe for these future articles, know they’ll even tell you all about earning more spoons through airdrops and giveaways.

Sounds cool?

We certainly think so…