The New P.E.E.P.O. system is Revolutionizing the Way We Work, Play, and Engage… Find Out How!

Community Mar 27, 2022

So, you picked up a Spoon and you’re ready to start mining for those sweet rewards.

Well, you’re reading at the right place if that is the case, after all – miners with a map hit the motherload faster.

Throughout this article, we’ll go over the new P.E.E.P.O. system, so you can mine as an informed professional, and get more spoons, ore, and gems, for the same amount of work.

Sounds good?

Let’s begin!

Gamifying Proof of Work: The Role System

You might have noticed the Skillset roles that were added after whitelist to the
🔔│ping-hub, these roles will allow us to locate Miners that have specific skillsets to complete Daily and Weekly tasks. Using these skillsets, Miners will complete tasks and be able to purchase department-roles.

The Proof of Work role rework is based on skills, and different miners will of course have different roles – everyone is skilled at different things after all.

We want to encourage miners to partake in the growth and development of the Co-Op, in a fun and rewarding way. As such, the Proof of Work roles will be:

Tier 1:

· Community Comrade

· Marketing Magikarp

· Echo Intern

· Partnership Pal

· Policy Intern

· Engineering Enthusiast

Tier 2:

· Community Contributor

· Marketing Gyarados

· Echo Contributor

· Partnership Contributor

· Policy Contributor

· Engineering Contributor

Tier 3:

· Community Chad

· Marketing Trainer

· Echo General

· Partnership Pepe

· Policy Sensei

· Engineering Executive

As a member of a department, doing a task when you have a role within that department you will receive a reward multiplier compared to miners doing tasks without that department's role. Ex: A Community Chad doing a Community Task will receive a 1.5X reward multiplier compared to a Marketing Trainer performing that same community Task.

You are able to earn as many roles as you wish under this new system, and you will be rewarded for doing so.

But don’t fret if you’re not a coder and you’re an artist… ALL Departments are paid the same.

Every role matters, every skill set is unique, we know and value this!

Incentivizing Production: Miners With Incentives Produce More… Duh!

We know that to be productive, people need to be incentivized. Not only that, we are living the WAGMI culture and WANT to reward participation.

So, those who work can expect to get their due rewards.

The incentives we have planned out will reward roles based on Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Engagement, and Proof-of-Culture.

We will go over these PoWs in a future blog post, but it just means that everyone will be able to get some rewards as long as they want to contribute, no matter the way they do it.

We are going to have SPOON social tokens, which Miners will be able to use to unlock further roles which give better rewards, buy lootboxes, and Tip their fellow miners, and flex their loot on the Leaderboard. Gems are awarded to users of Tier 2 and 3 Roles (Emerald for Tier 2, Diamonds and more to be released at a later date,) and a plethora of other protocol rewards to be announced at a later date.

These gems can be used to get access to special real-value airdrops, which will, in turn, increase the number of people contributing to the protocol, increasing its profitability and therefore renewing the compounding cycle of prosperity by real value creation processes. Emeralds can even be cashed in directly for pCNV!

Additional articles will come as we are closer to fully launching this system, and we absolutely cannot wait to see what you're able to produce. With that in mind, you have articles on both Proof of Engagement and Proof of Culture, PEEPOnomics, Reward and Role-salary numbers, a full user-guide to familiarize yourself with the system, further protocol rewards past pCNV(pTokens don't last forever, what other rewards can we offer with more staying power?) and much, much more in the pipelines, so stay tuned!

After all, what would we apes be without Alpha?