The Fud Corner #1

Community Feb 9, 2022

Dispelling the recent fud one fact at a time

Hello Miners! While we have an amazing community who spreads WAGMI vibes everyday in the cave, there are also a few people within and outside of the community that enjoy spreading FUD, and we wanted to dedicate a regular blog post where we go through the recent FUD and counter them with straight fax. Here are some of the recent FUD that has shown up recently.

Is Concave just an OHM Fork?

If you have seen our gitbook, our presentation in the Concave Syncularity event, and the various resources that we have provided over the past few weeks, you should understand that the scope of Concave far surpasses that of an OHM fork. First of all, we are a Vebase DeFi protocol that has various USPs designed to drive value back to our stakeholders. Not only do we have a world class treasury management group of policy team members, we have various revenue generating products such as our in-house AMM, Smart Bonding System, Locked Stake Boosting system, and more that will bring value to token holders. We are also building out many community projects such as the Gather Town that will help us become the premiere metaverse destination in the future.

What does Bike4Peace do for Concave?

While some people may think that all Bike4Peace does is ride a bike, they don't understand how much work and outreach he has been spreading around for the Concave brand. Not only does Bike spread constant WAGMI vibes that elevates morale, he also goes to various places IRL for Concave outreach outside of the crypto space. Bike4Peace helps connect the team with various likeminded people who can help with outreach; one of our largest seed round investors was connected through Bike which has been a great value add for the team. Recently, he has also filmed some videos for Gather Town for us. Bike is a great person to have in the core, and we appreciate him every step of the way.

Does Concave have Devs?

We have a full engineering team that work closely with the Policy team on designing the protocol. We have amazing developers that have worked in various protocols like Olympus that are working around the clock to make our product the best that it can be. One of our head Engineers, Casuwu, has spoken in various events to speak for the engineering team's progress and mindset. Another head Engineer, Dionysus, will be hosting a solidity workshop with the Echo Team (stay tuned for details!). We have all been graced by our head of Policy, Miaoshi, and his infinite wisdom. Although he represents the Policy team as a whole, we have a few Policy members that have excelled in the role and have truly honed their craft. We also have several other Devs that keep Concave moving forward as an organization such as Jman and VoKe which are always very vocal in our AMAs. They have the vision of the project and embrace what Concave really stands for at it's core. Together, along with other Devs, Concave is filled with extremely skilled professionals in their respective fields. (So yes, we got all the Devs lol)

Are the Concave NFTs a cash grab?

One misconception about the NFTs is that the revenue generated from the NFTs were all given to the team. That is not the case. These NFTs were all created by the community, and the revenue collected was split between the community creators who created the NFTs and the treasury. The treasury will be used to drive value back to the community so the team has not collected any of this money for themselves. Also, the NFT collections aren't just going to be left alone after the whitelist. We have various forms of utility that are planned for the NFTs that will be announced soon.

Why did so many people get the whitelist?

The core philosophy since the beginning of Concave was to reward people who put in work. Everyone who has put in the work received roles as proof of work, and miners who spent money to buy NFTs that were used to support the community members who made them. With the hard work of the team, we have created an Equal Opportunity Fair Launch where we gave whitelist allocations to every miner who put in the work to make Concave what it is today. Everyone who participated in the whitelist is a stakeholder in Concave now. The protocol was owned by the community since day 1, and our whitelist launch reflects that mission.

That is all the fud that we have for this week Miners. Look forward to the next issue of the Fud Corner!

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