The Fud Corner BlogPost: Debunking Common FUD

Community Mar 25, 2022

Fear, uncertainty, doubt… the greatest enemies of the Crypto bull and one of the main reasons people skip on amazing projects.

We are a tightly-knit community, and we live the WAGMI vibes, but even at Concave… there are “FUDDERS”.

Having this in mind, we thought about crafting yet another edition of our Fud Corner series of articles, where you can read the FUD that people echo around while reading why it is all just unfounded noise.

Sounds good?

Let’s begin!

DeFi is Dead: Everyone Quit, Rugged, or “Sifued” Out!

This is the most common FUD piece at the moment and it is everywhere!

You may have seen it in Crypto Twitter, you may have seen it in other projects or even in Concave’s Discord itself, but know that it is all just another “CRYPTO IS DEAD!” shout, like the ones that came before.

We know about the Daves, the Sifus, the DeFi blunders, and the whole story on why this time, for sure, DeFi is dead.

Well, it turns out that stuff like this evolves, and those that fail to evolve are doomed to phase out… just like the Dinosaurs.

On the other hand, there are a lot of DeFi projects out there people claim to be dead and are just getting started.

Finally, we at Concave are crafting a product and ecosystem that doesn’t belong in the common “DeFi” category.

We know we’re not the most impartial source, but we mean it when we say that we have created quite an innovative product and made it so this isn’t just your grandma’s DeFi anymore… we’re talking about a long-term project based on sound fundamentals and multiple USPs that will succeed where others have failed thanks to our magic number machine and everything else you’ve seen in the documentation on our blog.

Ohm is Dead: Olympus 3,3 Paradigm is Over!

We know people have constantly labeled us as an Ohm fork, but it’s not a coincidence that we always said we are a Spoon.

Our code is so different that we can’t seriously be called a fork, and we dropped the legacy fail points, adopting multiple USPs and safe growth parameters that allow us to produce value.

Value, with Concave, is being produced from actual fundamentals… not from dilution.

Of course, we still have some dilution, but it is sustainable and accounted for from day one.

We urge you to take a look at the Policy section of our blog if you want to grasp how it all works… and if you think this FUD argument may apply to us – you’ll see it doesn’t.

Plus, there is still a lot of life on the 3,3 motto, it just needs to evolve.

We are the natural evolution.

All hail ve 3,3.

Concave is a Social Experiment:

Now this one is the most ridiculous of the bunch.

You know your marketing tactics were on point when people start to think they were manipulated.

Now, talking seriously, we have presented tons upon tons of evidence that work is being done and that the role system and Discord shenanigans were a means to an end.

We even published a transparency report lately where you can see how the money is being used and how much work is being done.

We not only have a solid project with info out, but we also provide the details on the process of doing all of it as well.

But money is another topic of FUD, let’s take a look at it.

The Money is Being Used and Wasted:

We always were transparent on how the treasury works, on the compensations we payout, and the amounts going in and out.

We also have put up a lot of money from our own pockets, which is to be expected.

But still, FUDders claim we are wasting the money we raised.

This is not only blatantly false but it is easily debunked in one simple search.

We have a public treasury and we have the records of the crypto going in and out. We also showed the community our compensation plan and the execution of it through files and graphs.

We always make sure you guys have ample FUD-killing information, and we also try to make it easy to get and easier to digest.

Transparency above all, because with Concave you own the trust!

Our Money is Hanging Around Doing Nothing While They Delay Launch:

We spotted a couple of guys in one of the local channels arguing about how we are delaying the launch and having the money in the treasury doing nothing.

We are wasting everyone’s money by having it “parked” – at least that’s what they say.

Well, it turns out that we already told the community we were farming with the treasury, and that the income generated almost covers all expenses.

So, rest assured that the treasury is being farmed, and the money isn’t being wasted and siphoned away for commissions.

We are constantly thinking of new ways to add to the treasury too, and we have got a lot of exciting projects in the works…

…can’t wait to show them to FUDDERs soon.

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Thank you for your time, and WAGMI!