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Echo Sep 1, 2022

Thursday 9.1.22

Fellow Miners! We are back with another edition of The Echo Weekly.

The Echo Weekly is once again on a regular schedule. We will recap the most recent developments in Concave, while highlighting some of the amazing contributions from the community and team. Now without further ado, let us get started.


  • Major Crypto News
  • The Concave Culture Code
  • Introduction to our Medium
  • CNV Statistics
  • Meet the Team
  • Miner of the Week

Major Crypto News

Top crypto company defies U.S. sanctions on service that hid stolen assets

The U.S. government’s latest effort to crack down on the illicit use of cryptocurrency by rogue foreign regimes and criminals is running into resistance from the industry itself, including one of its largest and most influential players.

Mastercard Stock in Spotlight after Two More Crypto Deals

Mastercard is growing its involvement in the crypto business, signing Binance and Bitso as its new crypto card partners. Although Mastercard stock may not yet fit the label of a crypto stock like Coinbase or Riot Blockchain, it is increasingly on the radar of investors seeking crypto exposure.

Samsung Securities Gears up to Launch Its Own Crypto Exchange by 2023

Reportedly, South Korean securities companies are looking to make their way into the crypto industry. As per their plan, these companies are about to set up their own digital asset exchanges by the first half of 2023.

The Concave Culture Code

In this segment we throw it way back to the inception of Concave where miners were discovering just how deep the cave was and how much deeper it could go as we mined for knowledge and uncovered fresh and new ideas.  Concave was born as a means to redefine what DeFi was; gods ruled from atop Mount Olympus and time was on our side.  Our 10 Commandments, 14 Values and 7 Principles came together as a living, evolving reflection of our community that could and continues to be a means to help miners work to create value.  The Concave Culture Code was meant to be something fresh and different in its implementation, but also equally familiar in its conceptualization.  Community is what Concave was built upon and it's no surprise it is the number one value we have codified. "We place the health, strength and good vibes of our community before all else when making decisions." This project's founders have always kept community first and will continue to do so as new innovations are built that bring value right back to our fellow miners.

P.E.E.P.O is an innovation that is an exact result of putting community first. It is a system that empowers miners to leverage their skills and be rewarded for their contributions with real value. We won't stop building with the goal of bringing value to our most valued community. There are so many more things to come and we always reflect back on the Concave Culture Code to keep us based, keep things fresh and continue to innovate the protocol for the benefit of the community.Take a deeper dive into the Concave Culture Code here.

Introduction to our Medium

As we continue to expand our presence across the web we have recently created a dedicated space on Medium to showcase relevant articles about Concave and cryptocurrency in general.  We are tapping into the skills and strengths of our co-op to curate useful and impactful information about current events and trends across the crypto space generally and DeFi specifically.  Our team will aim to keep this content fresh and consistent. With that, miners can be empowered with the necessary knowledge that will ultimately give them confidence as they need to navigate the sometimes tumultuous waters of this space.

Click here for a link to our Medium page and please drop a follow to stay informed of new posts.


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Happy mining!

CNV Statistics

Meet the Team

This week we are shining a light on an individual that always brings the energy when possible, but also keeps us based as we are syncing and sharing ideas across the team. Today we highlight Mr Rick James himself who is a keystone to the balance on the work server and a true asset in the day to day rhythm of the community server. Rick James is ever present and actively contributing to the successes of the co-op with a background in IT and a Scrum Master extraordinaire he can really do it all.  He has a glass half full mentality and wants nothing more than to figuratively and literally make the world laugh in unison. Simply put, he wants the best for everyone all the time and wants people to be happy in their day-to-day lives. We all know and love him, but don't cross him as he is a professional wrestler and will Death Valley Driver you into the mat and call you a jabroni because nobody gets between him and the success of Concave.

Miner of the Week

This week we are proud to announce the Miner of the Week goes to the one and only Cappex. Cappex is another miner that always shows up for events and contributes at a high level whenever challenged. Cappex is always aiming to spread the message about Concave by regularly tweeting, retweeting, liking and commenting on all things about the protocol.  He is an integral part of the daily spoon drop rhythm and is always raising the bar on participatory efforts. Cappex is definitely a master of the P.E.E.P.O system and is always pushing to maximize his time and effort. We love to see him in the chats reiterating positivity and welcoming new miners to the Discord. Congratulations Cappex for the well-deserved Miner of the Week!

Fellow miners, that's all for today!

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