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Echo Feb 28, 2022

Monday 2/28/22

Hello Miners! Hope you are as stoked as us for another issue of our weekly newsletter, The Echo Weekly!

The Echo Weekly is a weekly newsletter where we recap the most recent developments in Concave, while highlighting some of the amazing contributions from the community. Now without further ado, let us get started!


  • Major Crypto News
  • Concave Explorer Event
  • Poker Tournament March 4th
  • Team Interview with Rickjames
  • Concave World Updates
  • Miner of the Week
  • Meme of the Week

Major Crypto News

All About The War:

$242M worth of crypto in liquidation Within Hours Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Why did it happen? Apparently, it's pretty common. Liquidations in the crypto market happen when a trader has insufficient funds to fund a margin call – or a call for extra collateral demanded by the exchange to keep the trading position funded. Crypto exchange OKX saw the highest liquidations at $73 million, followed by Binance’s $48 million and Bybit’s $24 million.


Bitcoin Donation by people for Ukraine's Military as Russia Advances

Donations have been pouring into Ukraine as it braced for an invasion by Russia. In Ukraine, people have started to seek out crypto as a safe haven, said Michael Chobanian, founder of the Ukrainian crypto exchange. “All funds received by the Charitable Foundation are used exclusively for the needs of the army,” the organization states on its website.


Stablecoins gain as Bitcoin and Ethereum fall after right Russia Invasion

Stablecoins held gains in the midst of a sell-off in risk assets such as stocks and bitcoin after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


Crypto Utility comes to play as Ukrainian central bank suspends Electronic Cash Transfers

“We don’t trust the government. We don’t trust the banking system. We don’t trust the local currency,” said Michael Chobanian, the founder of Kuna, in an interview with Coindesk. “The majority of people have nothing else to choose apart from crypto.”


Vitalik Buterin spoke out against Russian President Vladimir Putin on Twitter

“This is a crime against the Ukrainian and Russian people,” Vitalik Buterin wrote. “I want to wish everyone safety and security, even though I know there won’t be.” He added: “Reminder: Ethereum is neutral, but I am not.”

Concave Explorer Event

With the recent release of our Litepaper, the team knew that many miners would have burning questions that they would like to ask about the Concave project. To answer these questions and communicate regularly with the community, we decided to host the Concave Explorer Event, where we would answer any important questions that miners had on the protocol.

Many insightful questions were gathered, and it really showed how in depth miners went reading over the litepaper. The event showed us how passionate and amazing our community is and we appreciate that. There were also many other kinds of alpha shared during the event. We announced new official partnerships with Olympus Odyssey and Halls of Olympia, leaked a lot of protocol design alpha, and had an Easter Egg contest where the fastest miners could receive a free Concave Degen Ape. If you attended the event, you would also receive an exclusive Explorer role. If you missed the event, you can watch the recording here.

aCNV holders are eligible for a whitelist for Halls of Olympia. If you would like to participate, please refer to this post here.

Poker Tournament March 4th

We are hosting a Concave Poker Tournament this March 4th at 9PM EST. This event will be a bit special because we will be giving away a custom designed Concave gaming mouse to the winner. This mouse is the only one of its kind; it highlights the start of our merchandising plans, which we are pushing forward in the coming weeks. Are you confident in your poker skills? Want to put your luck and skills to the test? Be sure to RSVP here.

Team Member Interview with Rick James

A strong community needs a strong team, and the team has been busy at work getting Concave to be a powerhouse in the DeFi space. We wanted to drop by and have a short interview with Rick James, one of the team members of Concave.

What is your background?

I am married with 2 beautiful children. I do computer/network repair on the side. I have been an ethical vegan for 6 years and I avoid closed source software in my personal life. I am obsessed with mullets and skullets(eg. Hulk Hogan). I don't believe that people need to take advantage of others to get ahead. I believe that everyone can thrive if everyone works together.

How did you learn about Concave?

I learned about Concave through a couple of DeFi frens that introduced me to the beauty of the blockchain.

What are your personal hobbies?

My personal hobbies are mostly entertainment outlets. I am involved in the community theater in my town and have done several performances with them, I have acted in a few commercials and independent movies, I sing in a band that plays regular shows, and I pro wrestle(yes, the cheesy scripted stuff). I play Magic: The Gathering when time permits. I also like to code goofy Python apps for simple tasks.

How do you envision Concave in the future?

I envision Concave organically becoming a virtual city-state, for lack of a better term. I see Concave as a symbiotic entity  on the blockchain that will work together with other protocols and other networks to keep everyone in sync. The people involved are extremely intelligent, productive and motivated to change the world for the betterment of all who wish to be included.

What is a goal that you would like to achieve?

A goal I would like to achieve is to make a stadium full of people audibly laugh in unison.

Concave World

55th Street

One new area that we created in Concave Town recently is 55th Street, a special area for our engineers, who have been an essential part of the project from the start. On the top left, you can see the office area where the engineers can hang out, and to the left you can enter Shanghigh's office. There will be more to this area coming in the future, and this is just the start of continuing to build out our premier Concave metaverse. Stay tuned!

Miner of the Week

This week’s Miner of the Week goes to Nangolilla, an active member in the community who helps out as an Echo Contributor and empowers other people through their WAGMI vibes. We wanted to stop by and learn more about Nangolilla and what he does with the Concave community.

Nangolilla is a young crypto investor that reigns from Italy. He discovered crypto in 2018, and after that, he passed the entire year focusing on crypto graphs instead of following University's lessons. Right now, Nangolilla is studying for his Master of Science in Economics and Management in Milan, but the passion for the crypto universe continues to play a big role in his life.

For Nangolilla's hobbies, he loves playing chess ever since he was a young kid, and he also won some important tournaments with my team. Apart from this, Nangolilla also likes reading books about self-growth and personal finance and also watching documentaries on Netflix because he is very curious and loves to learn new things.

For Concave, Nangolilla would say that since he is in the Concave discord, he passes almost all his free time switching from the General chat to the echo channel (especially the Italian one) and help with all the translation stuff. The Echo Team are doing a very important job. It is important for the success of Concave that everyone can understand clearly the mission and the features of the project and so we play a big part in it.

I would like to give a special thank to the Italian Echo team which is very proactive and reliable. Concave is becoming a family for him. WAGMI!

Meme of the Week

We have some amazing meme creators in our community, and they have been putting in their passion and creativity to create memes that miners can enjoy. One meme that made us chuckle was this meme made by nomoredollar in the memes channel.

That’s all for this week miners — we hope you enjoyed this week’s issue of the Concave Echo and look forward to bringing you the next one.


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