The Echo Weekly

Echo Aug 18, 2022

Thursday 8.18.22

Fellow Miners! We are back with another edition of The Echo Weekly.

The Echo Weekly is once again on a regular schedule. We will recap the most recent developments in Concave, while highlighting some of the amazing contributions from the community and team. Now without further ado, let us get started.


  • Major Crypto News
  • P.E.E.P.O V1 Launch Retrospective
  • Concave Marketplace
  • CNV Statistics
  • Meet the Team
  • Miner of the Week

Major Crypto News

Bitcoin tops $25,000 for the first time since June before slipping

Bitcoin briefly topped $25,000 to hit its highest level in June before falling sharply as the cryptocurrency struggles to make any significant move higher.

A Massive $10 Trillion Crypto Game-Changer Is Closer Than You Think

BlackRock's launch of a bitcoin private trust potentially means it will be directly in competition with digitial asset manager Grayscale, the world’s largest cryptocurrency investment vehicle, and follows news other Wall Street stalwarts are increasingly open to offering bitcoin and crypto market access.

Ethereum Merge May Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

Ethereum’s long-awaited upgrade—known as “the merge”—could happen sooner than expected, on September 15 or 16, according to a prominent member of the blockchain’s community.

P.E.E.P.O V1 Launch Retrospective

The official launch of P.E.E.P.O V1 has been received with great enthusiasm and opened up a new phase within the Concave ecosystem for miners to #engage2earn. P.E.E.P.O is of course our proprietary reward system within our Discord that enables miners to leverage their skills and strengths in meaningful ways and earn SPOONs as a result. With these SPOONs miners can redeem loot boxes and gacha boxes which reveal real rewards and value.  Miners have unlocked rewards such as DAI, pCNV, SPOONs as well as many other fun and unique prizes. We love where P.E.E.P.O is since it's very early inception and look forward to more features coming down the road. Our team loves to hear from miners and is open to suggestions as to what you would like to see in the P.E.E.P.O utility in the future.

For anybody new to P.E.E.P.O or those who would like to understand all the power that utility puts in your hands you can check out an onboarding article linked here.

Concave Marketplace

The Concave Marketplace within the Concave ecosystem is a proprietary utility NFT marketplace. Here, miners will be able to buy listed $CNV locked positions and sell their own locked $CNV positions for immediate liquidity as needed.  This is just the first phase of the Concave Marketplace with more utility in the pipeline. We can't wait to dive into it with you as we are set to launch it officially tomorrow, 8.19.22.

CNV Statistics

Meet the Team

This week we are excited to bring back our Meet the Team segment so that we can highlight and more so shine a light on a single individual going above and beyond to push this protocol forward and build real value for the future of the project.  To kick off the series we will be introducing our fellow miner that everyone knows and loves, Mr. RedBULL himself. He truly is a jack of all trades; from fixing lawnmowers and restoring old tractors, to subsistence farming, to building a wooden boat from the ground up and even growing American Chestnut Trees, RedBULL really can do it all.

Within the co-op RedBULL is blazing a trail by developing and creating an educational series of which we hope to introduce to our fellow miners new and old to empower them with the knowledge they need to make confident decisions and progress in their cryptocurrency journey.  He is extremely passionate in teaching and educating others especially in this space so it only made sense to let him spearhead such a cool and much needed endeavor.

Miner of the Week

This week we are proud to announce the Miner of the Week goes to the one and only Nemonasa. Nemonasa is another miner that always shows up for events and contributes at a high level whenever challenged. Nemonasa is very often at the top of the various P.E.E.P.O leaderboards; from submissions to gaming to tipping he is always present and actively contributing to the community.  Congratulations Nemonasa for the well-deserved Miner of the Week!

Fellow miners, that's all for today!

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