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Echo Apr 22, 2022

Friday 4/22/22

Hello Miners! Hope you are as stoked as us for another issue of our weekly newsletter, The Echo Weekly!

The Echo Weekly is a weekly newsletter where we recap the most recent developments in Concave, while highlighting some of the amazing contributions from the community. Now without further ado, let us get started!


  • Major Crypto News
  • PEEPO Launch Imminent
  • Echo Workshops
  • The Numbers
  • Team Interview with Mr. Monkey
  • Concave World Updates
  • Meme of the Week

Major Crypto News

First Yahoo Finance presents: Cathie Wood

Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman sits down with ARK Invest Founder & CEO Cathie Wood to discuss her fund's performance, crypto investing, and her vision for the future of the auto sector.


MetaMask’s Institutional Arm Makes Push for DAOs With New Custody Deals

MetaMask Institutional (MMI), a version of the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) wallet, has integrated new custodians to its platform in a bid to reach further into the world of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). With over 30 million monthly active users, MetaMask is now pushing to become the primary Web 3 gateway for organizations worldwide.


Fireblocks and Fintech Major FIS Bring DeFi to Capital Markets

Crypto custody firm Fireblocks has teamed up with FIS, the Fortune 500 technology provider to banks and capital markets firms. The partnership will enable FIS’s 6,400 clients to access large crypto trading venues, liquidity providers, lending desks and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Many of the big banks are exploring structured products in the form of crypto derivatives, if not directly exposing themselves to the asset class.

Peepo Launch Imminent

After months of hard work from Andy and the community team, the PEEPO (Performance Engagement Ecosystem Payments Operation) launch is coming . The PEEPO framework is a Community incentive framework that empowers community miners to contribute to Concave and earn monetary rewards in the process. There will be an in depth article covering the specifics coming out tomorrow so please look forward to that. At launch, the areas where miners could contribute in is Community, Marketing, Engineering, Partnerships, and Design. If you provide value, you can move up through the system and earn more rewards. Powering the PEEPO framework are spoons, our social token that can be tipped, transferred, and redeemed for gems which can be redeemed for something special. What are you waiting for? PEEPO is coming. You can read more about PEEPO here.

Echo Workshops

At Concave, one principle that we value is education. We are always looking to empower our miners with more knowledge and one of the ways that we do that is through our Echo Workshops. Our community team has been amazing in hosting these workshops, and you can learn about various topics from Trading Analysis and Viking History. There are workshops every week so if you are interested in learning about new concepts come by the community server and check out the community announcements to see what workshops are coming up.

Team Member Interview with Mr. Monkey

A strong community needs a strong team, and the team has been busy at work getting Concave to be a powerhouse in the DeFi space. We wanted to drop by and have a short interview with Mr. Monkey, one of the team members of Concave.

What is your background?

Hello Everyone, I am MrMonkey and I currently live in the United States. I have moved around often and enjoy new places and experiences. I have a military background but also a pilot background. I have electrical engineering degrees and enjoy fixing electronics for fun.

How did you learn about Concave?

I learned about concave because of my friends that introduced me but have been in the crypto world since 2017 but I am by no means an expert. I have a brain injury from Iraq so sometimes memory and learning are more challenging.

What are your personal hobbies?

I personally enjoy playing video games, building Lego and I love Star Wars a little too much.

How do you envision Concave in the future?

I envision Concave as a future proof Meta of crypto banking and investing that will branch out into many fields to help make dreams a reality.

What is a goal that you would like to achieve?

I personally am using the funds that I receive from crypto to help as many families that are struggling as I can and have made it a goal to live on 10 percent and give away/help with 90% of my income. So far I have been able to get as far as 40% and live on 60%. My goal is to not only achieve a life for me and my family but will be to help others do the same and I believe Concave is going to be the conduit that I can do this through. I love this place, the people and our product, I am truly humbled to be apart of it.

The Numbers

CNV Statistics

  • Current price of CNV $66
  • 7 day high/low $83/$66
  • Unique CNV holders 1934
  • Concave Treasury Value $14,824,220

We will be adding more statistics in this section in the future so stay tuned!

Concave World Updates

Concave Town Bank

One vision that we had when creating Concave Town was to have a Concave bank where users can interact with the protocol straight through Concave Town. Here, you can directly access all of the features of our protocols through these kiosks. We are always looking to expand the utility of Concave Town, and this is just the first step!

Meme of the Week

We have some amazing meme creators in our community, and they have been putting in their passion and creativity to create memes that miners can enjoy. One meme that made us chuckle was this meme made by Law#1519 in the memes channel.

That’s all for this week miners — we hope you enjoyed this week’s issue of the Concave Echo and look forward to bringing you the next one.


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