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Echo Jan 31, 2022

Monday 1/31/22

"If we think of problems in the world as puzzles to solve and if you think of DNA (our specific adaptable skill-set that has survived thousands of years under evolutionary pressure) inside of us as "keys", then the right combination of human "keys" could create a solution-key for each problem-puzzle. I believe Concave will eventually self-organize to become the first Decentralized City State given enough time."-Epiktetus

Last week core team sat down with the Olympus Agora team for a podcast discussing what is Concave and their take on community.

Agora Podcast - Olympus community podcast - I.O.W Jman & Voke Co-founders of Concave | RSS Podcasting | Podcasting
Jman and Voke join Mark11 in the studio to talk about the upcoming launch of Concave. They touch on the fundamentals that Concave is built on and how Bretton Woods 2.0 is going to be the future of the econOHMy.What they touch on:(0:32) Jman’s background(4:30) Voke’s background(6:07) Building on top…

Are you ready for ALFA?

Concavum Hermeticum l NFT Project
The first sacred book of the blockchain.Concavum Hermeticum is an NFT project. Developed in honor of Concave.

Did you say moar alfa?

Not enough?