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Echo Jan 25, 2022

Monday 1/24/22

Hello Miners! Hope you are as stoked as us for another issue of our weekly newsletter, the Concave Echo!

The Concave Echo is a weekly newsletter where we recap the most recent developments in Concave, while highlighting some of the amazing contributions from the community. Now without further ado, let us get started!


  • Echo Notion Framework
  • House of Spoons Pledges Explode
  • Team Interview with Dionysus
  • Halo Event
  • Miner of the Week
  • JMan's Meme Session
  • Other Community Contributions

Echo Notion Framework

After months of hard work, our Echo team has created a powerful tool that has never been seen before in any DeFi community, the Echo Notion Framework. With this framework, the Echo team can effectively send tasks for community members in the various language channels to complete. One of the biggest ways that we can use this framework for is to create a community powered translation structure that can translate documents in different languages. Right now, we already have the structure to translate documents in 25+ languages. That is insane. None of this would be possible without the community, and it is a joy to see how passionate our community members are to make this possible. Thank you to the Echo Team for being such a core part of the community!

House of Spoon Pledges Explode

Originally starting as a community idea, the original quest to create a house in Rome DAO has become a full blown initiative to establish the House of Spoons. The House of Spoons has been gaining great momentum. We have seen an influx of community members joining the House of Spoons, and we have already organized several raids with the other houses to establish connections and trust with the Rome Community. One of the biggest milestones with the House of Spoons recently is our snapshot vote to reach 12,000 ROME pledged to be considered as a House. Not only did we completely break that goal, we reached 12k ROME pledged in 12 hours. Pretty poetic, isn't it?

Team Interview with Dionysus

A strong community needs a strong core, and the mining core has been busy at work getting Concave to be a powerhouse in the DeFi space. We wanted to drop by and have a short interview with Dionysus, one of the core miners for Concave.

What is your background?

I started Coding as a hobby two years ago. Initially, I started coding initially for trading bots for Binance. After that, I started doing work for Olympus, and now I am helping Concave.

How did you learn about Concave?

I learned about Concave through Typheous. Typheous saw me and wanted to bring me in.

What are your personal hobbies?

I spend 18 hours a day coding.

How do you envision Concave in the future?

A Nation State

What is a goal that you would like to achieve?

Push forward DeFi in a meaningful way.

Halo Event

On January 23rd, Shaz and Kreez organized and hosted our first Halo Tournament with the community to see who the best sniper miner there was. While there was a few issues with the stream, it was a great time with the community, and we got to see some serious skill. The winner of the event was none other than the head of Team Pepe Management Big Supe. It was a hard fought win for him as he was not the most skilled at the sniper, but he took the win for the team and received a 25$ gift card for the game. We look forward to having more events in the future, so if you are interested in hosting an event please contact our event organizers, and we can help you with getting everything set up.

Miner of the Week

This week’s Miner of the Week goes to DogeX, a pivotal member for the community who has done great work as an Overseer and Echo General for the Concave. We wanted to stop by and learn more about DogeX and what he does with the Concave community.

DogeX reigns from Germany. Being an aspiring entrepreneur, he started his first company at a very young age and scaled his brand to many consumers. DogeX gives voluntary workshops in marketing topics to various audiences and shares his experiences to people from all places.

For DogeX's hobbies, he likes to walk his dog in his free time and enjoys mountain hiking so that he can experience nature. DogeX also enjoys skiing and has gotten pretty good at it.

For Concave, when DogeX wakes up, he checks his Discord messages to attend to any immediate issues. After that, he gets up and starts organizing the Echo tasks and checks delegated projects that he is overlooking. After that, DogeX checks the overseer and mediation tasks in order to get a better overview of the hottest topics at Concave. DogeX also does a lot of work with the community team so he spends some of his time making sure that he is in sync with everybody.

JMan's Meme Stream

Our Man Jman had an impromptu meme session that he streamed on Twitch the other day. On the stream, he was making memes, talking to the community, taking meme requests, and ultimately having a good time. We would like to have more opportunities for community members to get to know the core team a bit better and definitely want to have events like these continue.

Concave | Jman Live Meme’s - concavefi on Twitch
concavefi went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Just Chatting VOD now.

Other Community Contributions

The Community Contribution section is a place where we celebrate some of the amazing work of our mining community. Here are some of the brilliant projects that our community has created this past week.

Concave Minigames

One of our talented miners, Blaster, has created a sick minigame for Concave. The game is called Spoon to the Moon, and the goal of the game is to shoot a rocket ship that will collect spoons, and you have to dodge cave trolls along the way. It is a fun minigame that will look to be put on the Concave gaming hub. We have some great community members who are putting in their time and energy to make creative projects like this happen, and we appreciate projects like this that are made to support the Concave community.

Memes of Concave

We know that our community has some dank memers, so we always like highlight some amazing memes that our fellow miners have created. The meme that we would like to highlight this week comes from DogeX, who showcases his love for dogs with not only his profile picture but with the memes that he creates. The meme here shows the humorous difference between a Fork DAO and the Spoon Co-op.

That’s all for this week miners — we hope you enjoyed this week’s issue of the Concave Echo and look forward to bringing you the next one.


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