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Echo Feb 7, 2022

Monday 2/7/22

Hello Miners! Hope you are as stoked as us for another issue of our weekly newsletter, the Concave Echo!

The Concave Echo is a weekly newsletter where we recap the most recent developments in Concave, while highlighting some of the amazing contributions from the community. Now without further ado, let us get started!


  • The Syncularity Event
  • Whitelist Fair Launch Update
  • Team Interview with Miaoshi
  • Concave World Updates
  • Concave Music Video
  • Miner of the Week
  • Numbers at a Glance
  • Meme of the Week

The Syncularity Event

Over these past two months, miners have come into the caves spreading WAGMI vibes left and right. Many have been working hard for Concave and have been mining away for all the mysteries to be revealed. On February 2nd, all the details were shown to the community through the Syncularity Event, where the team talked about the overall vision of Concave, protocol features, the whitelist, and more. It was a joyous moment for all miners that put in their sweat and tears to making Concave the best that it could be. You can take a look at the event here.

Whitelist Fair Launch Update

The Whitelist Equal Fair Launch is upon us, and we wanted to give you some updates on how it is going and our plans for the future. In just five days, we have raised $7.2 million in Treasury, from the WL public sale.  Behind the scenes, we have been taken aback by the amount of support, conviction and WAGMI vibes that we have seen from you. As a reminder, all Waves are live and able to complete filling allocations until 5 pm UTC, Wednesday the 9th. ETH gas overall has been low, and our contract has been well optimised to use less gas. Thanks to everyone who have been a part of this historic moment. The sky is the limit from here. Wagmi!

Team Interview with Miaoshi

A strong community needs a strong core, and the mining core has been busy at work getting Concave to be a powerhouse in the DeFi space. We wanted to drop by and have a short interview with Miaoshi, one of the core miners for Concave.

What is your background?

I have worked as a Hedge Fund professional for almost a decade. I have strong expertise in equity/macro/portfolio risk management.

How did you learn about Concave?

Long before discord... through bouncing off initial treasury management ideas with VoKe at the labor day BBQ event at his place...

What are your personal hobbies?

Tennis/games (Doto 2/d2r/many others)/swimming/skiing/cooking/helping young, lost, yet talented Asian females to achieve their goals...

How do you envision Concave in the future?

A platform which will constantly disrupt/re-invent defi/tradfi primitives.

What is a goal that you would like to achieve?

I want to build a trust circle in Defi.

Concave World Updates

The Castle of Typhoeus

One location that is currently in the works for Concave World is the Castle of Typhoeus, a place located at the northern stairs of the Concave World main hub. In this area, you will be able to explore the castle and seek Typhoeus, the giant monster who spares no mercy to any enemy standing in his wake. The castle is currently in the works, and we hope to share with you more about its development soon.

Gather NFT Museum

If you have spent a good amount of time in Concave, you probably know that we are looking to push Gather Town to new heights by creating Concave World, a metaverse hub where you can have fun with your fellow miners and interact in ways that you never thought of before. One aspect of Concave World that is currently in the works is a Gather NFT Museum, a place where you can look at various NFT projects that are partnered with Concave. All of these projects will be displayed in our own museum, free to enjoy straight through Gather. It will be coming soon so please look forward to it!

Concave Music Video

If you haven't seen it yet, two of our community members, $igil and Naya Pravada, have created this sick music video for Concave. The music video goes hard, and we can see the labor and passion that it took to create such an amazing music video. The music video is also just one song of a mixtape album that was curated by the community. We love the creative work that the community is making; it really showcases the love that the community has for Concave.

Miner of the Week

This week’s Miner of the Week goes to Mert, a pivotal member for the community who has done great work as an overseer and organizer for the Concave. We wanted to stop by and learn more about Mert and what he does with the Concave community.

Mert is currently studying for his Masters in Data science. He is a techno DJ and music producer for fun. He has worked in various companies over the year. For Mert's hobbies, he likes reading books on neuroscience and hiking. He enjoys travelling around the world and has learned about many cultures in the process. Mert also enjoys going to concerts and festivals.

For Concave, Mert currently works as an investment researcher for the Policy Team. With the other team members, Mert is building an investment research framework that will locate potential opportunities for investing through the treasury to bring value to the community. Mert is using his engineering skills to help the policy team throughout this whole process. For example, with the whitelist, Mert had to use various scripts to calculate the whitelist fair launch that you see today. If you are angry with your allocation, please blame Mert.

Numbers at a Glance

With the release of the aToken, we want to share some quick stats that we are seeing with our new Dune Dashboard. Here are some information that you might find interesting here.

  1. aCNV currently raised: $7,413,347
  2. aCNV Unique Holders: 2,150
  3. Average Amount Spent: $2,930

Meme of the Week

We have some amazing meme creators in our community, and they have been putting in their passion and creativity to create memes that miners can enjoy. One meme that made us chuckle was this meme made by Jman himself during a live meme session where a select number of operators could fill out their whitelist through Gather Town. Jman is very passionate about the craft, and we can see it through the sheer quality of his memes.

That’s all for this week miners — we hope you enjoyed this week’s issue of the Concave Echo and look forward to bringing you the next one.


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