Pepe Progress Report 001

Official Apr 28, 2022

April 28th 2022

Hello Miners. We have been busy building, but we want to make sure that our community stays updated with what has been going on internally.

Many things have happened and we realize that communication has come too short, so this progress report will go over the progress on our product lines to make sure that you are caught up to speed. Today, we will be going over...

Engineering Updates
Policy Updates
CO-OP Structure and Operation
Landing Page revamp
Gitbook full rework

Let's get into it!

Engineering Updates

The Staking Contract has been Completed
The contract has been deployed on Testnet for testing and is currently undergoing peer review.

Smart Bonding Contract needs Refinement on One Function
The Contract for Smart Bonding is close to completion; the logic of a function for batch redeeming multiple Smart Bonds at once is still in revision. As always, we put a high priority on the gas optimization of interactions with our protocol.

Small Scale Testing is Currently Ongoing
All contracts and the front end are currently in small group testing. Our selected users for UAT (User Acceptance Test) have good technical knowledge and can give direct feedback to the Engineering Department. This helps us keep the internal communication efficient and avoid any premature leaks.

Marketplace for Liquid Staking
The Liquid Staking / Utility NFT marketplace is making very good progress. We have been developing it in parallel to our number one priority, staking & smart bonding, as it is an essential part of our ecosystem. Liquid Staking allows you to lock your $CNV in the longest term pool, and reap the highest rewards while being flexible with your funds.

Built Testing Tools and Operational Structure for Wide Audience Testing
We are prepared to launch our second CO-OP internal testing session, where we will get all hands on deck to test every single function. Preparation includes various tasks such as setting up Standard Operating Procedures, report forms, our own faucet for testnet DAI and ETH, and more.

Policy Updates

Staking & vAMM (On Chain)
Policy Team has finalized through backend QA with the Engineering team on the vAMM (Virtual AMM) & Staking contracts over the last few weeks. All mathematical models and smart contract integration have been signed off by the Policy Team.

Smart Bonding (Off-Chain)
Policy Team has finalized the development and initial testing of our off-chain Smart Bonding model that controls bond issuance, bond price, slippage, and depth on our vAMM. Off-chain models will run in tandem with our on-chain vAMM to adjust on-chain parameters.

Partners (TBA)
Partnerships Team is packaging bonding-and-staking-as-a-service and met with various interested parties to gather preferences and requirements.

Infrastructure for Quantitative Strategies
Policy Team has continued the development of infrastructure to support quantitative trading strategies. New models created by Policy engineers will be tested after bonding and staking launches.

Various mechanics have been written up and shared for wider distribution via marketing including Proof-of-Gem, pTokens, and updates to the gitbook.

CO-OP Structure and Operation

Reworked our Decision and Communication Structure
We took some time to analyze how the CO-OP operates, putting our focus on reviewing the launch event. Through the process, we have identified the choke points of the information flow and restructured how we organize and execute big events. The CO-OP Structure is ever-evolving, gaining efficiency and momentum at every step.

Iteration on Our Agile Processes
Since Concave's inception, we have been building our organization and products using the agile methodology. Through trial and error and a multiple iterative approach process, Not only are we creating the best in class products, but we are also improving on the processes that help deliver those products. We constantly strive for organizational alignment and understanding. As part of this process, we constantly test our work methodology and look for areas for improvement. As those areas are discovered, we evaluate, plan, and deliver updates to our processes that make work under the Concave umbrella valuable and efficient. We will never cease to explore new ways to innovate and improve the processes we currently have in place in order to help Concave succeed.

Landing Page revamp

Addressing a Broader Audience
DeFi is a complex topic. To make it more accessible to the broader crypto crowd, we are iterating and expanding on the Concave landing page.                        

Landing Page Translations
Our goal as a CO-OP is to be as inclusive as possible. That is why we are currently working on translating the whole page to several major languages, to make it easier for non-native English speakers to understand our mechanics.

Gitbook full rework

Updating Articles
We are working on updating our documentation pages to make sure that everything on our gitbook is up-to-date. Outdated information will be removed, and we will add any changes that we see in the future to these pages.

Adding more Infographics
A picture says more than a thousand words. That is why we are adding new infographics, so you can get a deeper understanding of how the CONCAVE ecosystem works.

These are all the internal updates that we have right now for the co-op. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!