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pCNV Announcement & NFT Allocations


First of all, we thank you all for being with us on this wonderful journey.

In this article, we elaborate more on pCNV and its functions.

Also, remember when we said that all Concave NFT hodlers will get pCNV allocation airdrop? Well, today is the day we release the info!

What does pCNV do?

What is pCNV really?

We've created an infographic for you to understand it better:

pCNV Allocation for Concave NFT Holders

Wen Airdrop?

As mentioned, all Concave NFT hodlers will get pCNV airdropped to them in the near future - more updates to come (it has a 2-month cliff).

Here are the allocations for Concave NFT holders:

Spooncave (10,000 NFT)
- 26 pCNV / NFT

Concave Spoons (3,576 NFT)
- 19 pCNV / NFT

Ponpave (5,000 NFT)
- 77 pCNV / NFT

Sync x Colors (1,285 NFT)
- 48 pCNV / NFT

Penguins (3,333 NFT)
- 28 pCNV / NFT

Snowcave (5,555 NFT)
- 2.5 pCNV / NFT

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Jamie Larson