Introducing Engage 2 Earn

Community Aug 4, 2022

Since the start of Concave, we have always emphasized building together. It is why Concave is known as a builder’s co-op, because we want everyone to build together and be rewarded for their engagement. There are too many cases where communities are taken for granted. Valuable members spend hours engaging with others but don’t receive anything in return.

Concave fixes this. Introducing Engage 2 Earn.

What is Engage 2 Earn?

Engage 2 Earn is a simple philosophy that believes that any active community member who engages and contributes should receive tangible rewards for their engagement. At Concave, we aim to do this through our PEEPO system, a custom built discord solution where users can earn Spoons that qualify as proof of engagement. Spoons can be earned through regular tasks, tips from others; these Spoons can be redeemed for loot boxes which contain pCNV or Stablecoins.

With this system, we can quantify a community member’s engagement and have a set process to reward them for their contributions. No longer will people have to contribute for free out of passion. Anyone can jump in the Concave Discord and start earning rewards.

Why are you giving out stuff for free?

We aren’t necessarily giving away stuff for free. We are just putting a set value for the community's engagement and time. Imagine if we had 50k members who were consistently active, helping spread and market Concave, and using their skills to help better the protocol. That would open up so many opportunities for any project, and this would allow Concave to be a powerhouse in Web3. The bigger the community is, the more power a collective has.

What is the Goal with Engage 2 Earn?

The goal for Engage 2 Earn is to create an incentive system that benefits both the community members and the protocol. More engagement means more exposure, more marketing opportunities, and more opportunities for community members to participate. With this system, members can receive incentives for their engagement, and the protocol can utilize a growing community base to bring more value to the protocol, benefiting everyone in the process.

What is the End Game?

Imagine a super computer powered by countless individuals from all walks of life. That is what Concave envisions with Engage 2 Earn. The more passionate individuals who put their heads together to benefit the collective, the stronger the project becomes. The goal of Engage 2 Earn is to grow a vibrant community so big that nobody can ignore it. Buckle up, Engage 2 Earn is here.

What is the Catch?

The cool thing is there is no catch! Spoons are free and can only be earned through your engagement and contributions. There are easy tasks that anyone can do through our regular daily events. All you need to do is set up your PEEPO account once you join the Concave discord. No need for any specific knowledge. Just come by and vibe with the community, and you will start earning spoons in no time.

How do I join?

You can join the movement by first joining the Concave discord here and say hi in the chat. We will have someone there to get you squared away in setting up your PEEPO account.