Increasing Budget AND Profits? How Is That Possible? Meet Our New Department.

Official Jun 2, 2022

What if we told you that we are increasing our allocations budget, pumping our profits, saving money, and increasing our revenue all at the same time?

That is what’s happening right now, and you will find out how in this article.

First off, we would like to detail our process of merging two departments to create a single and more efficient team.

Next, we will explain how we will ensure that our builders are properly compensated and retained so they are 100% committed to the CO-OP.

Finally, we’ll let you know how we did all of this in a healthy and sustainable way.

This is a new phase for Concave, and this article aims to give you an idea of why Proof-of-Gems matter so much.

Eager to get started? Then read below for more info.

Forging a New Department: Merging Community & Marketing

To begin, here’s what we’re doing:

At first we had two separate departments for marketing and community.

We have now merged these two departments to allow our teams to collaborate in a more efficient way (this was happening before as well, albeit in a much less structured manner). Our new system allows our talent to organize under function and goal specific sub-teams, streamlining the collaboration process.

This month also sees the introduction of fresh new talents with our new interns, who will work hard to prove their worth and add value to your investment.

Our new department is highly AGILE and is already allowing our operations to run much more smoothly..

In addition to this, we have reallocated the budget from the previously separate teams to this merged team to better reward our talented contributors.

Rewarding Merit and Keeping Talent

Our budget so far has been pretty low if you consider the industry standard and the size of our departments. So we are very thankful to our builders who have invested their time with passion – Concave is a labor of love after all.

On the other hand, we know that as we move forward, we need to appropriately reward merit in order to keep our talent. It’s only fair.

But if we are increasing the budget, doesn’t that mean we are taking more funds from the treasury? Not necessarily, because the new team is generating new cash flow as well.

Now we’re getting to the meat of it…

Increasing Cash Flow: Budget is Increasing Because PROFITS!

This new department of ours is already actively making the treasury money.

As you may or may not know, we have established some very profitable deals with other projects and protocols by allowing them to hire out some of our team members  to help consult with their projects.

In order to maximize our income generating capabilities, we are now allocating some of our builders out to other projects. However these builders are working on behalf of the concave community and all income generated from their efforts will be added to the treasury.

The earnings from these deals pumps our cash flow and allows us to pay our builders more while spending less.

It’s a win-win situation, and all of that earnings is going to the treasury to be paid out later as PoGs.

At the end of the day we are currently saving $20,000 every single month. You can check the numbers when they’re out in our monthly report!

The plan is to create a sustainable and agile marketing department that can generate its own revenue, which in turn will  generate more funds for the Concave Treasury.

Marketing & Community Task Forces: Highly Productive, Functional, and Overall Just EPIC!

Another thing we touched on earlier was the fact that fusing the departments allows for some pretty neat stuff, such as the creation of functional task forces consisting of people with appropriate backgrounds for the community, marketing, PR, etc.

What this does is seamlessly create self-sufficient “micro-departments” that can perform better than in the previous structure (and even be hired out to other projects’ teams which has already begun).

We currently have 4 such teams and over 20 people who are hard at work and holding daily meetings to make sure everyone is informed and contributing to the production of some really awesome stuff… stuff that is, at the end of the day, putting money in YOUR pockets by adding to the treasury.

A New Phase for Concave: Showing You Why Proof-of-Gem (PoG) Matter

This new income stream just made the importance of PoGs that much clearer.

We have stressed from the beginning that one of our biggest selling points was allowing the community to have “skin in the game,” allowing everyone to benefit from money entering the treasury.

Taking into account the revenue streams from co-op projects and deals, we expect to see a large increase to CNV holders' PoGs.

Get some $CNV, Spoons, Gems, and other rewards and lock in your stake in the CO-OP we all know and love.

By buying and staking CNV you are giving us your trust. We do not take this lightly, which is why we strive to increase our treasury to benefit each and every one of you.

In Conclusion:

As a TL;DR conclusion, know that we are restructuring to make the teams more functional, independent, synchronized and self-sufficient.

We’re also rewarding the builders more thanks to increased revenue, and at the same time saving a significant amount of money while doing so.

Finally, we highlighted how powerful PoG rewards can be.

If that isn’t bullish, nothing is!

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