House of Spoons

Community Jan 16, 2022

We are excited to announce a new community initiative called The House of Spoons. With this initiative, we will be establishing a base of operations to take our place among the great Houses at the start of the Second War Campaign.

Initial Roadmap

Minimum Requirements

2% ownership of total Rome supply + successful vote by other Houses. Official Snapshot for Conscription is live as of 1/15.


Rough outline, dates subject to change. Start of the second campaign is approximate.

1/4/22 - Task force established: kRomie, Nate the Noble, Akarin, Typhoeus, vain, naya Pravada, thomc, macbai2, Diamond Hands Chris, Rukka

1/15/22 - Complete House of Spoons proposal. Begin internal marketing and education campaigns. Gather Rome pledges through Snapshot.

1/31/22 - Establish vote by Houses to join APYRPG.

3/1/22 - Establish House of Spoons on the War Campaign map by the start of the second campaign.

Joining the House of Spoons

Our official Snapshot to form our Great House is now live! The minimum pledge accepted by Rome DAO is 2% of the total supply, or about 10k Rome. That said, our mission is much larger. Thus, our minimum goal is 12k Rome. We, the House of Spoons, know we are legion…if we can achieve 20k Rome, we will work overtime to reward our community!

Don’t have any Rome but still want to join? No problem! Moonriver is an easy network to navigate, and you can own any amount of ROME. Here is a step by step process.

  1. Have Metamask installed, with gOhm or any stablecoin (USDT, USDC, DAI, FRAX) ready to go in your wallet.
  2. Use to move your funds from your current network to Moonriver.
  3. Use to swap for Rome.
  4. Rome Contract Address: 0x4a436073552044D5f2f49B176853ad3Ad473d9d6
  5. sRome Contract Address: 0x89f52002e544585b42f8c7cf557609ca4c8ce12a
  6. NOTE: Solarbeam has its own bridge you can use to move stables, ETH and WBTC. It also has a “swap for gas” feature that lets you get some MOVR for gas on the network (super cheap! .01 MOVR = 10 transactions)
  7. Don’t forget to stake your ROME here!
  8. Now you are ready to join the House of Spoons by pledging your ROME in the snapshot proposal.
  9. Official Snapshot:
  10. Official Discord:
  11. Official Twitter:

Value Proposition

Value Added to Rome

  1. Bring new community members to Rome Discord and new Rome holders to the Moonriver ecosystem.
  2. Concave will use its network of creators to tell stories to attract and teach people how to buy Rome outside of the Moonriver/Dotsama networks.
  3. Translate and disseminate documents into 32 different languages through our Echo network to reach new user markets.
  4. Forge partnerships to build games that utilize $ROME as its native currency and bring liquidity to Moonriver.
  5. Create a path for partnership and product opportunities with Rome DAO.

Value Added to Concave

  1. Establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the Rome protocol.
  2. Become the arbiter of liquidity and the enabler of frictionless value transfer across multiple chains.
  3. Become a key contributor to the Bretton Woods 2.0 initiative and achieve our shared goal of a truly decentralized Web 3.0.
  4. Generate substantial growth in community engagement and attract external interest to both protocols.
  5. The short term goal for growth will be onboarding new users to the Rome ecosystem from within Concave.

House Structure

Common Roles

Citizen (Initial role): Sign the petition (Snapshot). The Citizen forms the backbone of any House. He has proven his worth and has become a member of the House. Displaced no longer, he contributes to the family of Romans who is now his family. A family he thought he lost a long time ago, now found again under different faces.

Patricians: Conscript with 100+ Rome. The Patricians are distinguished families above the regular peasantry. They have added political power, take more baths, and overall just smell better. An honorary title not given lightly. Patricians will receive a distinguished role along with a free PFP NFT.

Conscripter: Refer 5 or more friends. The conscripter roams the towns for the healthiest and hardest working slaves in order to conscript them into citizens, elevating them due to their great track record. The title is given to those who intend to expand the House of Spoons’ ranks.

ProConscripter: Refer 5 or more friends + minimum Rome. The pro conscripter doesn’t need to roam the towns, the slaves already learned how to come to them in order to get a shot at entering the House of Spoons. The higher-ups can always count on these silver tongued men to put more meat behind the empire.

Lupa: Spends too much time in the bathhouse (Post at least 10 hentai pics). The Lupa is imbued with virtues such as caretaking and fertility. They are known to enjoy celebration, bathing and rituals involving a great deal of carnal pleasures.

Frumentari: Proven connections to other Houses/Rome. The House of Spoons secret police, with ties to other houses, the underworld and the big players throughout Rome. Skilled in infiltration and manipulation, you never know when one is speaking from the heart or just plain trolling.

Sibyl (Rome Orator): Translators that help distribute materials. The oracles and the advent priests of the House. Their minds can many times be so brilliant you really think they can predict the future. Great speakers and inspiring leaders, but above petty squabbles and the greed for self-gain.

Military Roles

Town Militia: Conscript to House of Spoons in 2nd War Campaign. A hardened citizen who has received some basic military training and sworn to protect his house. He may lack the training of a soldier, but he makes up for it with his passion to defend the House of Spoons and everyone in it. Glory for the House!

Hastati: Earn NFT from APY,RPG or HoS source with a rare trait. The Hastati is a professional trained soldier that, while inexperienced, has the fire in his eyes and the enthusiasm to do what must be done in order to increase the House’s Glory. With a javelin in one hand, and a spoon in the other, he won’t blink to improve his family’s honor.

Principes: Conscript with HoS for 2 campaigns and earn 5 NFTs from APY,RPG. The Principes is a soldier that has acquired glory and wealth through his conquests.He is familiar with most of the faces in the House and will not hesitate to fight for their interests. The Citizen and Town Militia look at them in awe and wish to one day have proven themselves enough to reach their rank. Will require deeper APY,RPG integration to earn.

Leadership Roles

Legate: Initial contributors who have helped establish the House. Can be earned through POW assigned from HoS Task Force. The Legate coordinates a detachment of Principes and optimizes their contributions to best serve the house. An intermediate role that sees its first management responsibilities, may this position serve as a forecast for big contributions to come. May the Spoon Grow Stronger.

Centurion: Consistent POW by the Taskforce met. The Centurion can find the best Legates for each House project, and optimize the processes of running a successful House. His golden armor shines, but have you seen his Golden Spoon? It holds his cape and proves to everyone beneath him that he earned his position through diligent Proof of Work.

ProConsul: Highest ranked Leadership of the House. The Consul calls them the “mods”, whatever that means. They keep the well-oiled lean machine that is the House of Spoons running smooth and prevent members from ever overstepping. Fight against the interest of the House and you’ll find that not even the biggest golden spoon can save you from the alert eye of the Pro-Consul.

Consul:  Rewarded to top House contributor, chosen by vote (Legates +), and rotated once a month. Will also be rewarded with a custom pfp made by JMan. The Overseer of the House of Spoons, the most prestigious role, passed down to the biggest contributor since Concavius Maximus himself.

Elected Positions

Initiate a veto vote for replacement (Requires 5 ProConsuls minimum). Hold Elections for when a person steps down.

2x Praetor (Rome Emissary): Primary representatives that speak at the Rome Senate meetings, and are a voice of the House for the whole community.

2x Rationalis (Rome Scholar): These are policy experts who contribute to policy discussions. They have a solid knowledge of tokenomics, propose innovative strategies for expansion and are always learning.

House Lore

What is our house history, why are we here?

In the history of ancient Rome, the Empire covered a massive land mass that encompassed many continents, with different cultures and languages. To oversee these distant lands, Rome established many city-states to spread Roman culture, politics, and philosophies. These city-states provided the link to these people outside the Empire, by allowing them to become a part of the Roman Political machinery, and even become Rome citizens. They were the interface between the Roman Empire and outside civilizations. The House of Spoons will be the house representing these disparate city-states. We will be the House of people from different cultures, and from distant lands. We will be a conduit to feed the energy of these far-flung masses back to the heart of the Roman Empire. The House of Spoons will usher in the Pax Romana, spreading the message of Rome as far and wide as possible. For we are not a mass of northern barbarians, who have come to destroy Roman culture or pervert it. Instead we are the frontier peoples, united in promoting a message of  co-opetition, unity and peace.


The following has been documented by our Senior Historian, @Rukka (∞):

…but, why is it called the House of Spoons? Well, the Legion began when Concavius Maximus arrived in the province of Iberia. Being received by the Roman Settlement of Seilium, he declared his only possession - a spoon. Concavius soon made his name as a miner with shrewd business acumen, as he would dig with his spoon and find gems; gems he used to grow his wealth until he could finally gather all of the isolated but brilliant refugees and the displaced but disciplined people to form what is known today as the House of Spoons.
The name was therefore chosen to pay homage to the fact that even a small item or symbol can transform itself into the  tools and motivation one needs to unlock great things through hard-work, smart thinking, and synergy optimization.
Since the House was first formed, its doors have been open to more and more citizens willing to take up the mantle, the shield, the spear and the spoon!

Rome’s growth is our growth, and our efforts will benefit both protocols.