Bear Safehaven: Go Where the ROME-ugees Went!

Community Jul 20, 2022

All Rome-ugees Welcome!

Houses of Rome,

Here at Concave, we know just how hard a bear market can hit even the best protocols, and we recognize that it is rarely the community members at fault if a project falls short. That is why Concave values our community members above all else. That is why we are able to continue building even in this bear market. And that is why we welcome you, talented, undeterred Chads of the Houses of Rome, to pick up a Spoon and join us in the Caves where we will learn, work, build, play, and win together!
We saw a huge influx of "Rome-ugees" on our Discord and we welcome you all, more ROME-ugees will be welcome!

On the other hand, even the average crypto investor needs a safe-haven for this awful bear market.

Concave is a Safe Haven in this rough market. This does not mean that we are only a safe space to gather in and sing “Kumbaya”, although some of our miners have been known to rock a karaoke mic.

No, we are a refuge for all like-minded individuals who want to contribute to a winning project, commune with other awesome members, and play games to lower stress, all the while earning crypto for their participation.

SIX Reasons to Take Refuge in The Cave

Stablecoins - The Concave treasury is based on stablecoins (such as FRAX, DAI, and others). This means that our treasury is protected from the fluctuations of the volatile market since stablecoins are pegged and least likely to vary in price. Miners who contribute to the treasury can rest assured that their assets are protected.

Yield Farming - The treasury uses yield farming to maximize returns. Concave’s Active Treasury Management allows for our treasury to lend and borrow crypto on a DeFi platform and collect fees and payments for our services which are then added back to the treasury as earnings. This cycles back to stablecoins as Concave uses Stable Farming to ensure that our returns are based on stable treasury assets.

No Pay-to-Play - Earn crypto without spending a dime. Miners do not have to spend any of their hard-earned cash in order to earn with Concave’s “Performance Engagement Ecosystem Payments Operation” or what we like to call P.E.E.P.O. Concave has more in-depth information regarding everything P.E.E.P.O. can do, but the basics are that miners can earn rewards (Spoons, Lootboxes, and more explained HERE) by performing tasks that build value for the co-op or by simply spending time in the community and building engagement. These are real rewards with real-world value.

Participation = Fun - Builders need a way to destress, and our miners are experts in recharging batteries after a day of mining the caves. Concave hosts daily and weekly events that include awesome community engagement, fun tasks to earn Spoons, games, giveaways, and even AMAs to spill Alfa. Daily Spoondrop Events and Weekly Spoontastic Fridays are an excellent way to take a break from building and enjoy some of the fruits of the brilliant community of which we get to be a part.

Contribution = Funding - Miners are rewarded for completing tasks and showing PoW (Proof of Work) and PoE (Proof of Engagement). As we said, you do not need to pay in order to reap rewards with Concave. We value work and engagement that helps to build the protocol and community, and we want to reward miners in accordance with the amount of time and effort they put into the co-op.

Stake and Chill - Of course, even if you do not have the time or desire to actively contribute to the community, every miner has the opportunity to buy into the protocol by purchasing and staking CNV and sitting back while the Proof-of-Gems add up. We’ve put out an excellent video explaining Concave’s brilliant staking and bonding protocols in much better detail than I could in this article: Concave Simplified. Check it out to learn more!

Here at Concave, we are continually building, and that means our community, too. We welcome all new members to become miners and start Spooning your way to wealth and a sense of community, and if these reasons weren’t enough to sway you, we are also awarding a special Role and a bonus 10,000 Spoons to new recruits who set up their P.E.E.P.O. account. You also have a chance to win a D’Ape Legionnaires NFT for joining the server and typing “FOR ROME!” into the general chat.

Concave welcomes all who do not let the bear market break their spirit, and together We are All Going to Make It!

Omnes homines gratissimum