pCNV Launch: Free Airdrops, 2.25x FOR LIFE!

Community Jul 21, 2022

What if you could have your hands on a piece of the Concave Co-Op and all the profits that come with it? What if you could get it for FREE?

pCNV is the token you want to have to ensure you get constant, automatic, passive, auto-pilot, no non-sense earnings right into your wallet... for life!

Having said that, it's obvious that the pursuit of pCNV is great, and that people are getting really amped up for the pCNV launch tomorrow.


Well, because pCNV is amazing, sure, but...

...here's the kicker...

...there are 5000 FREE PCNV to be won!

Let's talk a bit about pCNV and how important they are, finishing it up by letting you know how to get them for free.

pCNV is the Highest Proof-of-Gem (PoG) Booster: 2.25x Multiplier!

We all love to get passive income on Auto-Pilot.

Aaah, the feeling of laying back and counting the tokens... it is unbeatable.

What if you could get your hands on a piece of ownership, get "skin in the game", with one of the most promising Crypto Projects out there?

Well, pCNV allows you to get just that, your slice of the profits right from the Concave Co-Op's activities.

Not only that, pCNV is also the HIGHEST PoG Booster token you can have, and probably the one token you want to accumulate.

Take a look at this chart:

As you can see by taking a look at the table above, you get boosted PoGs by staking.
You get boosted more as you stake for more time, as we always say: in Concave, those who trust the builders and the protocol and are with us for the long term, are the ones who deserve to be rewarded.

As you can see, even those who stake for the full 360 DAYS still don't get a boost to the level of pCNV holders.

So, in short, if you're aiming at the most profitable opportunity of the co-op - PoG - then you're going to want to stack pTokens for that sweet 2.25x boost.

pCNV Gets You More and More Passive Income: Grow As You Go!

We already know that pCNV is worth more as time goes by due to how it is vested... but what you may not know is that PoGs will theoretically increase with time.


Well, as PoGs continue to be distributed, the percentage of profits from the Co-Op to be distributed grows with time - and so the first distribution is the one that distributes the smallest percentage.

This means that even if the profit becomes the same, your first PoGs will be no match for PoGs coming later on.

Now, the cool thing is that as the treasury grows and the products Concave has multiply, so will its profits.

As the profits grow, so will the PoGs...

...and that's another reason that pumps PoGs over time.

Now add all of this to the fact you're getting that 2.25x boost and you can see the potential.

pCNV Pays a TON: You Get it FREE!

Now for the sweet part...

We're launching the pCNV tokens tomorrow, Friday, 22nd!

We will host a mega Launch Party and we will fill it to the brim with fun, activities, and FIVE THOUSAND pCNV as prizes.

  • 5000 pCNV FREE!!

If this isn't a great opportunity for you, if this doesn't make you pumped, I don't know what will.

So, what this means is that you can get your hands on tokens that pay you the highest PoGs on auto-pilot for LIFE... and for FREE!

You really need to be at our Launch Party tomorrow... your wallet won't regret it!

Are You Ready for FREE Passive Income for Life?

So, in conclusion, are you ready for FREE passive income for life?

If so, then come to the event, have fun and enjoy the rewards.

Also, don't forget that even when we're not holding any events, there is still always the chance of winning free pCNV through various methods.

As a hint... if you contribute, you get rewarded, right?

What does that mean?

Probably nothing.

See you tomorrow at the Launch Party, miner!

Don't forget to bring your wallet, even if its empty, we'll fill it!