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Echo Mar 14, 2022

Monday 3/14/22

Hello Miners! Hope you are as stoked as us for another issue of our weekly newsletter, The Echo Weekly!

The Echo Weekly is a weekly newsletter where we recap the most recent developments in Concave, while highlighting some of the amazing contributions from the community. Now without further ado, let us get started!


  • Major Crypto News
  • Concave Jira Transparency Report
  • Concave x Odyssey Event
  • Upcoming Partner AMA Week
  • Team Interview with Locke
  • Concave World Updates
  • Meme of the Week

Major Crypto News

Ripple's $250mil Creator Fund welcomes 4000 creators to aid in NFT project expansion

Ripple's Creator Fund, which was established in September of last year, aims to assist creators in developing cutting-edge NFTs. Ripple’s blockchain is now integrated with NFT Pro, Ethernal Labs, and OnXRP marketplaces to speed up transactions. The integration also includes royalty structures and co-ownership functionality as part of the deal.


Mila Kunis-Backed TV Show Lets NFT Holders Choose the Plot

NFTV is blossoming with NFT utility. The non-fungible token (NFT) component comes in the form of a “choose your own adventure” mode for owners of the show’s NFTs, allowing holders to vote on the direction of the show’s plot at the end of each episode. The NFTs go on sale March 18 on the show’s website and will be free to mint on the Solana blockchain.


Elon Musk Did It Again. Bitcoin Is Up With His Announcement In Not Selling His Crypto Holdings

Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ether briefly spiked on Monday after Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that he still owns the cryptocurrencies and won’t sell. Bitcoin the world’s largest cryptocurrency,  rose 3.4% initially and is up 0.2%.


Female Founders and Influencers Breaking The Bias In The World Of NFTs And Metaverse

With less than 5% of crypto entrepreneurs are women, these ten female founders and influencers are at the forefront venturing into NFT and Metaverse with their respective talents, unafraid by the fact that the sector is dominated by men.

Concave Jira Transparency Report

One goal that Concave has been striving for since Day 1 is transparency. We want to show the community what we are doing, and what kind of process and progress we are conducting to get things done. In the spirit of that goal, we have recently released our Q1 CO-OP Jira Transparency Report. Jira is the primary workflow tool that we use, and this report goes through how many tasks each department has completed, the resolution times to complete each task, and how many issues each member has worked on. As we value the proof of work that our community does, we wanted to show the community the proof of work that we do as well. You can take a look at the Transparency Report here.

Concave x Odyssey Event

Our Mushrohm event with Olympus Odyssey was a resounding success.  During the event, we hosted an AMA with Dimitri Daniloff, who is an Award winning French Photographer and Artist and one of the Genesis Artists for Olympus Odyssey. During the cozy session, Dimitri talked about his life experiences, his inspirations, his genesis collection with Odyssey, and more! Over 50 people gathered in the area to listen to the AMA. This is just the start of what we are looking to do with Concave World. We will definitely have more to show in the future.

Upcoming Partner AMA Week

As we approach closer to launch, one big event that we wanted to host was a partner AMA week with all of our protocol partners. During these AMAs, community members will be able to ask our partners any burning questions that they may have, such as the specifics on protocol synergies and potential plans for the future. Our marketing and partnership department is busy at work getting these meetings ready for the community so please look forward to the event and launch!

Team Member Interview with Locke

A strong community needs a strong team, and the team has been busy at work getting Concave to be a powerhouse in the DeFi space. We wanted to drop by and have a short interview with Locke, one of the team members of Concave.

What is your background?

I’m a project generalist and have been heavily involved in several pre and post product launches. Usually my scope includes  marketing, strategy, growth and operations.

How did you learn about Concave?

Just like most of us I would think. I was researching on projects to invest my time in and a dear friend invited me to Concave discord. The role grind at the start was quite fun. One thing led to another and I somehow stayed and contributed.

What are your personal hobbies?

I like hikes and water sports. It's important to detach from tech and appreciate the details in the forests or look at wave formations. Other than that, I enjoy bouldering and hanging out at cafes.

How do you envision Concave in the future?

It is interesting how Concave is shaping up and that it is full with passionate and talented people. In the short term, I would like to see Concave be an innovative first mover in its niche and chart its way to  1B market cap.

What is a goal that you would like to achieve?

I'd like to help get Concave to the point where it's one of the the top projects people think about when they talk about innovative DeFi projects.

Concave World

Seismology Lab 1.0

Our awesome Seismologists have brought their Seismology Lab to Concave Town! The Seismology lab will be a place where Concave can host music concerts, karaoke, and more events in the future. The space was designed with the concert experience in mind, and the crowded background showcases the creativity that our community members have. The Seismology lab will be refined further as we go along so please stay tuned for Seismology lab 2.0!

Meme of the Week

We have some amazing meme creators in our community, and they have been putting in their passion and creativity to create memes that miners can enjoy. One meme that made us chuckle was this meme made by Bic Mitchum in the memes channel.

That’s all for this week miners — we hope you enjoyed this week’s issue of the Concave Echo and look forward to bringing you the next one.


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