Concave Equal Opportunity Fair Launch

Official Jan 30, 2022

As we near closer to our expected launch, it is time to introduce our community to the whitelist plans.


Date: February 2nd, 2022 at 3 PM UTC | 10AM EST

Duration: There will be 4 Waves. Each wave will start 24 hours after the previous wave. Which wave you are in depends on your highest wave role.

Contract Address: TBA

Network: Ethereum Mainnet

Initial Token Supply: 333,000 tokens for sale at $50 FRAX/DAI each.

Initial Market Cap: $16.5 million assuming that all tokens are sold.

This money will bootstrap our treasury and allow us to deploy the initial liquidity to our AMM and deploy capital to our money-making USPs. For additional details on Concave's tokenomics, USPs, and future growth plans, please check out our socials here.

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What is Concave?

Concave is a VeBase DeFi protocol that utilizes its state-of-the-art Magic Number Machine to capture value in DeFi back to its users. It is designed to be a swiss army knife for Smart Money to capture sustainable long-term returns in all market conditions.

Concave Token Utility

The Concave token will be used as a primary currency to interact with the ConcaveFi platform where users are able to participate in the following:

  • Composable bonding
  • Locked stake boosting
  • In-house AMM
  • Treasury dividend accruement

Whitelist Sale

Click here for a high-resolution PDF

The whitelist sale will be launched on ETH mainnet in waves, we want to reward our most loyal supporters and also make it an enjoyable experience without a typical rush of people crashing a website!

All proof of work roles matter, so the more you have the larger your guaranteed allocation for the aToken whitelist. The maximum cap is $25,000 for any community member.

Wave 1 - February 2, 2022 at 3 PM UTC | 10AM EST

Inspectors, Operators, Policy Sensei, Echo Captain

Echo Team: $2,000

These people shed the most blood, sweat, and tears to grow our community and should thus be rewarded first.

Wave 2 - February 3, 2022 at 3 PM UTC | 10AM EST

Chief Alpha Leak, Vice Chief Alpha Leak: $3,000

Historian, Engineer, Researcher, Policy, Reddit Lord: $2,000

Troll Warlord, Pitlord, Elite Miners, Philosophers, Mystic, Scribe, Policy Intern: $1,000

Documentator: $500

Wave 3 - February 4, 2022 at 3 PM UTC | 10AM EST

NFT Whales: $25,000

NFT Dolphin or Rare NFT Holder (Diamond Spoon, Golden Spoon, Inverted Spoon, Wild Diamond Spoon, Pepe God Legendary Syncavian, Inevitable Concavian): $10,000

Angel: $4,000

Chief Meme Officer: $3,000

Bug Catcher, Producer, S’INK’D, ConcaveRecords: $2,000

Fitness Guru, Deacon, Bishop, Decoder, Artist, Karaoke King/Queen, Memeographer, Chad/Chadette, Vibe Curator: $1,000

Fragger, Surveyor, Choir, Enigma, Spelunker, Poet, Witness, Trainer, Genesis, Bartender: $500

Wave 4 - February 5, 2022 at 3 PM UTC | 10AM EST

We will be launching for another 24 hours a window for NFT holders to visit the site and swap their FRAX/DAI for aTokens. NFT holders will be capped at $1,000 aToken redeeming for their support to the community launched NFT projects.

We believe this is the fairest way to reward our community without causing a stampede or allow whales/bots to buy everything. Proof of work and trust are always the top priority for our team.

NOTE: Since there are many NFT holders eligible, there is NO guarantee of a $1k allocation. NFT window will be first come first serve as once all 333,000 tokens are claimed the whitelist round will be complete. NFT holders will still get their retroactive airdrop pToken at a later date. The NFT whitelist allocation snapshot has already been taken.

NOTE 2: NFT whales will be decided based on the original Dollar that they spent for the NFTs. You are qualified as an NFT whale if you spent more than $10k across all collections. This amount is calculated based on the 50 day moving average of ETH, AVAX, and MATIC.

Example 1

Typhoeus has a Genesis ($500) and Philosopher ($1,000) role, but she is also an Operator. Typhoeus will be able to mint her full allocation during wave 1, which is dependent on the survey that she filled out.

  • Wave: Typhoeus is in wave 1 because she is an Operator which is a wave 1 role.
  • Allocation: Typhoeus has an allocation of $15,000 dollars because that is what she put as her allocation in the Operator survey.

Example 2

Jman has a Philosopher and Genesis role. His highest wave role is Philosopher - wave 2 ($1000), and he has the Genesis role at wave 3 ($500). Therefore, he can commit $1500 at wave 2.

  • Wave: Jman is in wave 2 because his highest wave role is Philosopher which is a wave role 2
  • Allocation: Jman has an allocation of $1,500 with his Philosopher and Genesis role.

Example 3

Andy has an Angel and Surveyor role. His highest wave is Angel - wave 3 ($4000), and he has the Surveyor role at wave 3 ($500).

  • Wave: Andy is in wave 3.
  • Allocation: Andy has an allocation of $4,500 with his Angel and Surveyor role.

Example 4

Wookie is a miner who has no roles, but he holds a Ponpave and Concave Spoon NFT.

  • Wave: Wookie is in wave 4.
  • Allocation: Wookie will be eligible for ($1,000) if the allocations have not been sold out by wave 3-4. If the allocations are sold out before then, Wookie will not be able to participate.

Example 5

Bigsupe is a miner who has no roles, but he holds a Rare Ponpave NFT.

  • Wave: Bigsupe is in wave 4.
  • Allocation: Bigsupe will be eligible for ($10,000) if the allocations have not been sold out by wave 3-4. If the allocations are sold out before then, Bigsupe will not be able to participate.

Example 6

EpiK is a miner who has roles in Waves 1 & 2, however he also owns an NFT. EpiK will not be able to collect his NFT WL allocation till Wave 4.

Token Distribution

Percentages are subject to change depending on supply growth and market conditions

aToken (Community)

  • 333,000 tokens
  • $50 FRAX/DAI per token
  • Allocation amount based on proof-of-work roles
  • No locking period

BBT (Seed Investors)

  • $10 FRAX/DAI per token
  • 1 month cliff, vested linearly over 1 year

pTokens (Team)