Concave's 2022 Q4 Proof-of-Gem (PoG) airdrop is here!

Official Jan 6, 2023

Happy 2023 Miners!

The moment you've been waiting for is finally here! Q4 Proof-Of-Gem (PoG) airdrop and information about it!

Before We Begin

You are invited!

We'd like to mention that we are hosting an AMA with Fluidity, one of the 18 projects we've invested in.

This event will be held on Twitter Spaces on January 11th, at 11AM EST.

Our resident host, @ChefYaboyardi will be conducting this AMA.

Feel free to ask your burning questions here.

Friendly Reminder

Friendly Reminder for Previous Claim

Miners, a friendly reminder that our previous special airdrop claim period is closing this April 2023, so claim it before it ends!

Q4 Airdrop Information

Tl;dr: Q4 2022 Airdrop will be on January 11th.

The amount airdropped will be $96,392.01.

The beginning of the EDR term schedule has been adjusted to April 1st, moving up the timeline, to 8 months. This means that future revenue distributions will much more rapidly reach the terminal ratio of 80%, with over 50% of revenue slated to be issued by Q4 ‘23.

The new EDR for the Q4 '22 Airdrop is set at 25% (in reality, this EDR should be lower based on the term schedule, but we're rounding up).

Deferral of future airdrops is generally undesirable, issuance of earnings is of interest to the Co-Op and so the parameters here will be very low to ensure most members are receiving distributions.

Our current guide is we'll set a minimum threshold for distributions at or around the gas cost of claiming, wherein any deferred issuance is logged as accounts payable for future airdrop(s).

Revenue declared for Q4:

Protocol revenue for distributions include certain carryovers from Q1-Q3; in total, $385,568.06 of revenue is logged before considerations for the EDR, with $162,090.94 of that originating from Q4.

$23,385.94 is derived from Q3 CTA position claimed, with an additional $86,714.88 in Q4 profits.

Leftover farming rewards amount to $200,091.18.

An additional $30,162.06 is derived from farming activity from this quarter.

Finally, discretionary trades added $45,214.00.

Policy notes:

Moving forward, Policy will be anticipating modest revenues, with continued caution being exercised on deployment of funds due to market conditions.

Users can expect muted flow into additional seed opportunities within various categories, relative to allocations placed in throughout '22 due to continued expectations of declining private round valuations. This however, is subject to change - as there are several investments previously lined up from '22 that will roll into Q1 '23, along with several new opportunities.

Internally, we are focused on building products as a means of generating revenue.

Discretionary trading activity & passive low-beta/market-uncorrelated returns are constantly being evaluated.

How to claim:

Step 1: Connect eligible wallet or wallets (that holds lsdCNV)

Step 2: Click claim airdrop

Step 3: Press claim and wait for transaction to be completed (do not close or interrupt window)

Step 4: PoG!

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