Concave Gem Rush: Official Timeline, Protocol Launch & Everything You Need to Know

Official Mar 28, 2022

Miners! No more psyops! We’re happy to announce that Concave protocol mainnet will go LIVE on 31st March 2022; between 6pm EDT to 11:59pm EDT.

Official Timeline

What to expect in this launch?

Migration of aCNV to CNV

When the protocol goes live, aCNV holders will be able to migrate their aCNV to an equal amount of CNV via a smart contract. More details on the migration will be shared on 31st March 2022 through our official announcement channels (Discord and Twitter).

Price Discovery and Fair Distribution

At protocol launch, trading of CNV tokens will be immediately available on Concave Exchange. We are adopting a price discovery strategy as a way to ensure fairer distribution. The initial high volatility period discourages unfair opportunistic scenarios such as bots invasion as there may be an opportunity to buy for less. This also helps in determining a stabilized $CNV market price before our Smart Bonding & Liquid Staking feature goes live.

Bug Bounty Program

On April 1st, we will launch our Bug Bounty Program. This program is an open audit where anyone is able to review our Smart Bonding & Liquid Staking code before it goes live. Those who have discovered any bug/vital flaw in the code, we will reward them with pCNV.

Smart Bonding & Liquid Staking

Our Smart Bonding & Liquid Staking features will go live in the first half of April after the price discovery phase. A tutorial guide to give you a full step-by-step overview on how to use the Smart Bonding & Liquid Staking will be made available nearing the launch.

First Staking Interval Payout

The first staking interval payout will be available for you to claim 2 days after the Smart Bonding & Liquid Staking goes live. Users will be able to view their accumulated rewards updated each 8 hour interval.

To the moon and beyond!