Concave Community Proposal Process Flow

Community Feb 24, 2023

Dear miners,

During the past few weeks, we had members offering interesting suggestions with the intention of making Concave protocol better.

Thank you all for these interesting suggestions - do rest assured that we are looking into the viability of each proposal.

We’ve decided to write an article about the community proposal process flow so that our community will be able to see into the works of what happens after an idea is proposed.

In this article, we’ll be detailing the process flow for the community proposals!

Here’s the TL;DR version of the process flow for those who just want to get the general idea.
And this is how it works internally from the CO-OP side of things.

Submitting your proposal

Scenario: You have a great idea and would like to propose it to the Concave team.
  1. You will need to find a dedicated place to submit proposals.

Proceed to Concave Discord server and click on “proposals”.

2. Once there, you will notice a blue button with the text “New Post”. Click it.

You’ll be able to input the Title of your proposal, image, and your message.

3. Your proposal will now appear on the channel. Anyone on the server (including Concave CO-OP will be able to comment and provide feedback.

Tracking the progress of your proposal

Your proposals will go into deliberation by the various departments to consider.

Here’s an example of one of the proposals that were received and implemented.

Proposals would then go into deliberation by the various departments to consider.

We would then take feedback on the various proposals before eventually making a decision as a CO-OP.

We will then create a dedicated Jira epic detailing the specifications, pull the various departments and proceed to implement the proposal.

And you can track the progress in Concave Discord, under “co-op work”.

And there you have it!

Now you know the process flow on how an idea gets introduced all the way to its implementation.

We welcome you all to propose ideas that could help better Concave protocol as a whole. Our promise to you is that we will give each proposal proper considerations.

Mine on.