Community Proposal - 2Amendment: New Treasury 'Proof-of-Gem' Airdrop (i.e. Excess Earning Distribution) Accruement Framework

Policy Mar 28, 2022

Goal: After hearing feedbacks from several community members, contributors and prospective pToken holders, I am amending the previously proposed Airdrop Accruement Framework with the goal of optimizing value for lock-stakers and pToken holders.

Some useful contexts:

Here are what goes into Concave Airdrop Accruement (net operation costs which will soon be a small potato)

  • Fees from POL/NFT market place/AMM (we will have some super fun/creative/value-generating implementation soon down the road on this one, stay tuned)
  • Investment/Trading/Farming Excess return: for more context, you can check out Franklin's recent Tweet ( and follow him for more Alpha in the coming week.
  • VC investment realized gains: Expect Epik to provide more colors on our current investment and pipeline very soon.
  • Protocol Services Income: e.g. Bonding-as-a-Service as we already have quite a few interested protocol customers lined up (more details to follow when it's time); Community-as-a-Service as Kromie like to call it.
  • Other USPs the Concave community will help create on top of the infrastructures we built.

Again, airdrops will be mostly paid in stablecoins which is non-inflationary to the protocol token price.

Distribution won't happen continuously as illustrated below, it will happen periodically (i.e. once every quarter for the fair accruement during the quarter). There will also likely be boosting logics which benefit longer term stakers more (Sert will provide more Alfa on this soon).

Old Proposal:

Community Proposal-2: Concave APY/Supply Growth Framework (scrapped by community vote) + Treasury Excess Earning Distribution Framework Joint Proposal
Note that part I of the proposal has been scrapped based on community votes in light of MiaoShi’s Conca-ve(USP) article Going forward, the growth schedule set up in Community Proposal - 2 will merely be a rough guidance through time, Policy team has the

New Proposal:

Start at 20% instead of 0% and cap out at 80% at 24-month which aligns with when all the pTokens finish vesting.

The rationale is simple, more is more, like many others, I want CNV lock-stakers and prospective pToken holders to start accruing meaningful airdrops on day 1.

Send it?