Concave Business Development Proposal

Official Apr 8, 2023


This proposal will align the Business Development Department (“BDD”) with Concave’s V2 vision and objectives. Through the BDD's continued identification and investment in promising projects, we seek to create value in the form of revenue, which will directly benefit the protocol and all stakeholders.

We aspire to bolster the growth and success of the organization by optimizing the purpose and effectiveness of the BDD.


The BDD's primary responsibility will be to promote Concave's Fund of Fund (CFOF), which will be derived from Concave's current investment portfolio consisting of 25 projects, including CONCAVE FUND ZERO (CF0).


Concave has established a proven track record of making intelligent investment decisions in the Crypto space, particularly in seed investments.

Despite a challenging market, Concave has successfully invested in 25 projects within a year, generating a mark-to-market return of 31% thus far. It is important to note that the current mark-to-market value here is only based on 4 projects! This is incredibly bullish!

This level of performance is admirable, especially more so in the current crypto environment.

In contrast:

Multicoin Capital, one of the bigger players in the crypto VC space, lost 91.4% of their value in 2022, while A16Z, one of the largest and most prominent VCs, was down 40% in the first half of 2022 (crypto fund), and Pantera’s Liquid Token Fund lost 80% in 2022. Generally, according to BarclayHedge data, crypto funds are down ~50% in 2022.

Although CF0 has been profitable, Concave is currently approaching an uncomfortably high level of exposure and has consequently become more cautious with its investing activities.

To resolve this obstacle, the BDD will utilize their extensive market connections and conduct thorough research to establish a dedicated team that will enable Concave to continue their investment pursuits.

Our proposed solution, CF1, will facilitate this by providing an opportunity for investors to participate while Concave continues to source and invest in promising projects.


To maximize the capabilities of the BDD and its members, we will restructure their responsibilities to establish a framework, create effective deal flow channels, and facilitate the onboarding of investors to CF1, while providing support to existing portfolio companies from CF0.

The BDD is responsible for:

  1. Establishing and expanding partnerships, deals, and collaborations: The team will identify potential partners, establish communication channels, maintain regular contact, and continuously seek out new opportunities for growth and expansion.
  2. Managing and maintaining the Partnership Server of Concave: The goal is to assist and consult with our seed investments, which involves tracking and managing updates from partners and portfolio companies, identifying key metrics, and providing recommendations for future actions.
  3. Creating, promoting, and presenting CF1 to potential investors: This involves crafting a compelling pitch for CF1, identifying target investors, developing marketing materials such as a pitch deck or prospectus, and delivering presentations to interested parties.
  4. Developing services that aid portfolio companies and ensure their success: The BDD will help portfolio companies succeed by creating resources or programs to support their growth, connecting them with valuable contacts or advisors, and providing strategic guidance.
  5. Generating quarterly BD reports for CO-OP members: The team will keep CO-OP members informed of investment progress and business development efforts by collecting and analyzing data on key metrics and summarizing successes and challenges.
  6. Managing updates from partners and portfolio companies: This involves keeping track of progress and updates from partners and portfolio companies, including financial reports, key milestones, and other relevant information.
  7. Generating new contacts and deal flows for Concave through networking and events: The department will be proactive in seeking out new investment opportunities for Concave by attending industry events, building relationships with key players in their field, and leveraging their professional network to identify promising deals.



CF0 funds have reached their limit, and VC-style investments have stopped due to high exposure risk.


The BDD will initiate a raise for CF1, removing this constraint.


Many funds seek investment exposure in Web3.


CF1 offers an opportunity for these funds to participate.


Concave has a good track record in identifying and investing in promising projects but stopped activities due to high exposure risk.


Leverage the portfolio performance of CF0 to raise funds for CF1.


Some portfolio companies need help and guidance, particularly in marketing or engineering aspects.


Build an agency with SOP to aid and provide services, priming portfolio companies for success.


  • Maintaining an up-to-date Partnership server and ensuring the team is responsive to partner requests.
  • Providing assistance to other departments when external help or connections are required.
  • Raising a minimum of USD $3-5 million for Concave CF1.
  • Generating a minimum of “X” amount of deal flow per month for CF1.
  • Attending all necessary calls and meetings related to BD efforts.
  • Networking and attending conferences to establish the BDD as the point of contact for Web3 investing.
  • Conducting comprehensive profiling for CF1 to safeguard the individual fund's interests.

Key Personnel & Roles

Nate will be responsible for linking Concave's promising seed funds to the pool of Venture Capital and Private Equity. His role includes maintaining communication with each promising seed fund and assisting with due diligence on protocols. Nate will also ensure that the direction of CF1 aligns with the fund's overall vision. His extensive experience in the crypto space makes his opinion vital in determining the fund's movement.

Bentj will leverage his links to prominent funds like Vertex and other web3 funds to align the portfolio with CF1’s vision. He will handle the presentation and proposals for the fund, as well as some of the legalities on the structure. Additionally, Bentj has a network of protocols in this part of the world, and his new role will help expand the pool of potential protocols.

Coud's deals have been influential in CF0, and he will be directing CF1 according to the new fund's stakeholder profile. With his track record and being based in the western hemisphere, Coud keeps tabs on the pulse of a crucial part of the world geographically.

Locke has been involved in the crypto scene since 2017 and has experience in identifying narratives in the crypto market. He is the backbone of operations and project due diligence. With a keen interest in web3 ecosystem strategy, his experience and knowledge will be crucial in identifying standout projects for CF1.

Niamie has a flair for networking and bridging connections to funds, making her the key in opening doors to funds to invest in CF1. She has been actively growing a vast network of investors and venture partnerships. Many of those have been contributed by promoting on stage for web3 conferences in the past six months. She will be inviting participating funds that want to partake in a similar profile of seeds to CF0.

Voke is a highly knowledgeable and analytical member of the team, placing significant weight on investment decisions. He has extensive connections in the web3 world and provides expert insights on how the ecosystem can function effectively. Voke adopts a level-headed approach when evaluating projects, focusing on the fundamentals to inform his decisions.

Zuff brings a wealth of experience in trading to projects that require such expertise, such as Conduit. He also has a strong background in deal flow, with a logical approach influenced by traditional finance. Zuff personally invests in angel investments and has been closely involved in various projects, paying meticulous attention to detail.

DHC's investment strategy is a cut above the rest as he approaches each investment opportunity with a first-principles mindset. With an extensive background in traditional venture capital, he possesses a profound understanding of the start-up ecosystem. DHC has honed his skills in deal flow sourcing and evaluation, employing a well-structured and thesis-driven approach. He has successfully sourced deals for CF0, and his expertise will be crucial in identifying new investment opportunities for CF1. Moreover, DHC has cultivated a network of influential founders, funds, and angels in the crypto space that he can leverage to benefit CF1.