Bear Market, PEEPO 1.0, Rewards, and YOU

Official Jun 20, 2022

Hi Miners.

After the launch of staking and bonding, we wanted to go back to our roots in what Concave represents as a builder’s coop, and we looked to expand on one of our current initiatives that were made with this in mind- The PEEPO system.

After many hours of collaborative brainstorming and with the help of our Discord Wizard Andy, we are happy to announce the rollout of PEEPO 1.0.

Preparing for PEEPO 1.0

The main purpose of PEEPO was to create a system where users could contribute as often as they like to our co-op, and be rewarded regularly in the process.

With PEEPO 1.0, we are expanding upon that by adding additional rewards for Spoons; with your Spoons, you will soon be able to purchase treasure chests, which include:

  • Merch,
  • Emeralds,
  • more Spoons,
  • NFTs,
  • and potentially more goods in the future.

How do I earn SPOONS?

With the first iteration of Spoons, the only ways to earn Spoons were through tasks and being tipped.

With PEEPO 1.0, we are heavily expanding on ways to earn Spoons.
Here are some of the new ways you can earn and use Spoons with the new system:

  • Daily Check-ins:
    Check-in for easy daily tasks to earn Spoons.
  • Random Task Generator:
    We are creating a random task generator that will have some fun tasks to do, such as posting a picture of a big mac in general chat, or telling another user that they have a nice haircut.
  • Setting up Shop in the Bazaar:
    With the Bazaar, any community member can open up a customizable Discord channel and set up a shop to offer their services in exchange for Spoons. For example, a fortune-teller could open up a shop and offer their fortune-telling services to any miner that has spoons in their wallet.
  • Daily Events:
    Regular daily events where miners can participate and earn spoons will be held at the same time every day, so don’t miss out!
  • PEEPO Tasks:
    We are expanding on our regular tasks so that you can use your skills to benefit the co-op and earn Spoons for literally any type of submission. The goal is to build a skilled Concave workforce that can build together and get anything done.
  • Friday Events:
    Along with Daily activities, we will also host special Friday events. Expect to see  Karaoke make a comeback, Gartic events, and many more unique experiences. It will be the most fun way to earn SPOONs every week!
  • Games:
    We are opening up betting games where you can bet your spoons with the chance to earn even more Spoons! If you end up losing your Spoons don’t fret. You can always earn more Spoons through checking in daily with our events and being active in the community.

New Role Structure

With the new PEEPO system, we are also revamping the roles to best serve the community. Starting this week, all previous roles (With some exceptions) will disappear and be replaced with the following roles.

  • PEEPO Miner: People who consistently submit 5 Submissions to the PEEPO task system bi-weekly.
  • PEEPO Pro: People who consistently send 20 Submissions to the PEEPO task system bi-weekly.
  • Spelunkers: Active members in Discord that help fight FUD and answer questions.
  • Miner of the Week: Every week, we will choose a miner of the week that exemplifies Concave's Culture Code. This Miner will receive 10k Spoons and a feature on our Community newsletter.

Bazaar, Boss Fights, Games, and more!

With PEEPO 1.0, our goal is to offer many more fun activities that miners can do in the Discord where you can earn Spoons.

The team built a custom bot where miners can band together and fight bosses, duel each other for Spoons, and much more.

With this new bot, you can shop for weapons and items, level up, and get stronger to beat the bosses along with other miners.

This bot is highly customizable and under constant development, so the sky’s the limit on what we can do with this system in the future.

With the Bazaar, any miner can set up shop and sell their services for Spoons.

Are you good with design work, know how to do fortune-telling, or want to write poems for others?

Maybe you are a performer, running a contest, or looking to shill your own platform.

Set up a shop and some curious miners might just come in and offer some SPOONs for your service!


With PEEPO 1.0, we are looking to create a safe space where any user can come by, have fun, and earn a new currency with sustainable value in the process.

Not only are we expanding the amount of fun ways in which you can earn spoons, but we are also looking to add many more rewards for Spoons that any miner can earn.

This way we can create an engaging system that encourages users to participate, find and build community, and be rewarded in the process.

This is just the start with PEEPO, and we can’t wait to see you in the caves! We hope you hop in the cave to join us on this journey.