1 Year in Concave!

Official Nov 30, 2022

Concave’s First Anniversary

The Founding

GM Miners! It has been a wild ride in the crypto space. Do you realize that it’s already been a whole year? Happy 1-Year Anniversary to all of our community members that have been with us since day one! For the old and the new:

Concave was founded on November 24th, 2021, and in honor of that we have lined up a day of activities for everyone to participate in! There will be lots of fun activities such as a community karaoke session, along with information-fueled discussions from our esteemed policy members. Tune in for the latest updates on what we have been building!

The Event

We will be revealing a trove of information, and we hope to see tons of new and old faces alike there. Join us at our 1-Year Anniversary Event for the latest Concave information, or feel free to just chill with us and have a good time after the AMA session.

Details of the event are as follows:

November 25th, 2022 1:45 PM EST - AMA 30 min. (20 min. AMA info, then 10 min. Q&A), ~30 min. Karaoke

Please RSVP via our discord: https://discord.gg/concave


Starting later today, Concave will enter a new phase of its evolution. We will be releasing a full rebranding, featuring big updates to our landing and app pages, our logos and banners, and our Transparency Dashboard. Our social media pages will be updated accordingly, too.

We have recently been exploring new options to clean up and improve our user interface, from both an aesthetic perspective as well as a technical one. However, our focus remains the same: to establish ourselves as the protocol that maintains transparency and trust within its community best.

SoTA (State of the Treasury Address)

We are introducing a quarterly report termed “SoTA” to our community members for updates and ongoing information. In this document we will be revealing some important details for the first time on the following:

  • Gem Airdrop
  • Revenue Generated
  • Partnerships
  • Investments - 11 out of 15 made public
  • Policy’s take on market condition and the future

Stay in the loop every quarter by subscribing to our blog. We do an early release every time, only for subscribers. Want to receive the report early? The link to subscribe is on our website: https://concave.lol/